Missing my Dog!

Strolling © 2011 Molly Lin Dutina

Strolling down the street today with the dog
a north wind came to refresh our part of the earth
and summer
gave way
to autumn

IMG_0020 (2)

Instead of humid stillness packed
with dense air you could almost “see”
we were graced
with cool breezes
puffs of refreshment

And I found myself in the path of
one hundred

Thank you north wind for sharing the locust shower
Praise You , Lord, for the joy of changing seasons

Grow On!

Grow On! ©1994 by Molly Lin Dutina

Wild the wind that sends the leaves aloft
Gleefully they chatter, “I’m free! I’m free!”
‘Falling’ leaves of autumn
Travel far from their beginning
Mixing with a flock of birds
As we, all earth bound, fail to see
Which is bird and which is leaf.

Mighty Force of God, capture me in Your updraft
Hurl me headlong in Your love
Drift me sideways with the angels
Take me far from all complacency
Where the familiar dulls my senses
Gently land me back at the place
On my Pilgrim Journey path where
You meet me with new courage
To grow on.

wild (2)

Dojo’s Kisses

Our hallway is adorned with family photos showing four generations. Both sets of our parents, Bob and I, our children with their children and our son-in-law. One afternoon in 2014 when the light was just right I noticed the glass over the photo of my daughter’s family was smudged. On closer inspection I found kiss marks over each face.

I remembered on a recent visit our youngest Grandgirl had been going into the bathroom often to apply her new lip balm that had slight color in it. I am certain she adorned the photo of her family! I did not “clean” the glass. It’s a blessed testament of love.

When we recently updated the family photos I asked my husband to be certain NOT to wash the glass. He did better than that! He bought a new frame for the new photo and let me keep old photo with kisses. I love that man!

Ellie kisses special

Radical Acceptance

… is just another way to say yield.


Sometimes I have to create my own object lessons with Sculpey clay. Not always professional looking, but seriously mine!

On our recent vacation I developed terrible Vertigo, the type that landed me in Urgent Care getting drugs for the symptoms. Over one week later I am still waiting for the symptoms to be healed. This is a very hard lesson in radical acceptance. Vertigo is like losing total control over your life. No balance, no ability to just “get over it”, no cure in sight. At least not nauseated any more. Waiting for 2 weeks to get into physical therapist who specializes in resetting the crystals of the inner ear. I never even knew I HAD crystals in my inner ear! If I carry a crystal and sleep with it will I be healed before then?

So yielding to my current condition is tough. But then again, what choice do I have? Fight and flail and kick against it and I am just likely to fall down. If I did not have a headache already, then exercises the internist gave me to perform induce one. Yep, I assert once again that growing old is NOT for sissies!


Autumn 2018

Today, October 2 the woods are reflecting my house! My favorite colors are yellow, orange, green and brown for my living area. Outside it is no longer just the edges of the maples that are yellow! The entirety of the leaves is turning.

A recent fact list about autumn stated: “Yellow, orange and variations thereof always reside in the pigmentation of tree leaves, but they are just overpowered by the abundance of green from the chlorophyll in the leaves. When the sun weakens and days grow shorter, the amount of chlorophyll in leaves diminishes, allowing the other pigments in the leave to show through.

Guess I likely learned that in school, but I am delighted to think about the other colors residing there all year long and just masked by the green of the chlorophyll.

Rabbit trail: Do you remember Clorets chewing gum? Creators maintained it cured bad breath. The actual ingredient was chlorophyllin. Scientists are now looking at that chemical in the possible treatment of cancer and burns.

The autumn fact list article goes on to say red and purple leaves are actually caused by the presence of sugars from sap that is trapped inside of leaves. Well, there you have it!

Ask Y or Yield?

Many years ago when faced with the fibromyalgia health situation I realized I had the opportunity to ask “WHY?” or to become a Y – yielded to God in the circumstance. Thus began my observation of Yield signs. This one in Ireland brought me up short as I do not read or speak Gaelic, yet I knew exactly what it meant!


Yes those signs are all around us! Yield can be defined as to concede, surrender or relinquish; to surrender voluntarily one’s right, privilege, etc. In that time of deciding whether to just ask Why or become a Y,  I often read where others had asked God, “Why me?” and often the response was “Why not you? Who better?”

To become a Y I needed to release my judgement of the situation and raise my hands in surrender to God. I had to yield to my Savior and my God.

In 1993 I came across a cartoon called 9 Chickweed Lane. I will just describe it to you because if would cost me $35 to place it in this blog! Frame 1: This guy is walking along. Frame 2: He comes upon a sign. Frame 3: He stops to read it; it is a yield sign. Frame 4: He drops to one knee and bows. That is how I try to respond now when I see a Yield sign. God knows I need object lessons to keep me on track! So each time I see



I try to remember to bend the knee of my heart and bow to the Trinity.


God has always been with me regarding the fibro. I had the opportunity to create and run a support group for a number of years at a local hospital. The diagnosis has opened many opportunities to encourage other people with the same diagnosis to press on and find their best self as they travel through and with the experience. We have each had to learn how to yield when there is a symptom flare up. I even wrote a talk on how to have a flare with flair!

The next time you are faced with a situation where you begin to ask why, consider becoming a Y and see where that leads. As my mother used to sing, “You’ll never walk alone!”


Lillies With Magic Powers

There is a plant I have never grown, though many people in the area have them in their yards. This pink flower shows up with a cry of “Surprise!” After the foliage has died away. They have several names.


Surprise Lily, Magic Lily, Resurrection Lily and Naked Lady because the leaves die back before the flowers emerge. These flowers are part of the amaryllis family. I enjoy those flowers in January! Researching this I discovered resurrection lilies can be used as cut flowers! Oooh, I “may have to get me some of those!”

Vine Fantasy Weird Brain #3

I planted three varieties of sweet potato vine in the back garden this year.


One was rather puny and the bright green one outshone the other two and began to take over the garden wall. One day I noticed the puny vine had begun to climb the hill into the woods.

Have you seen areas where English ivy has grown unabated?
English Ivy

I have this fantasy that the sweet potato vine up in the woods is going to be gargantuan and take over the back hill. Of course, it will be too mannerly to interfere with our hundreds of daffodil bulbs. Other than the daffodils, look out!

Why The Recipe Says To Pierce

I have been cooking for at least 50 years. Every recipe I ever read says when you are going to bake a potato, pierce it first with a fork.

I have been recovering from a bug, but felt well enough to scrubs potatoes and put them in the oven this morning. Imagine my surprise when the timer rang and I pulled this out of the oven!

250D95AB-8705-4E63-8D69-AD9CAF0CE43CYep! That potato exploded! I forgot to pierce them. I laughed out loud!



When they cooled I made twice baked potatoes. I was actually able to eat mine with no ill effects. Baked all 5 pounds and shared them with both adult children’s families.