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Meet Tripp Hampton, brother to Taylor Hampton Phillips. I found this to a huge blessing! Wonderful way to pause in worship without having to look up the lyrics! Take a 5 minute praise break!

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Want to subscribe to a daily gratitude quote? This is the place for you! They also send out a monthly newsletter with things to challenge your spiritual growth.

Since we have been cleaning and packing I have been paying attention to things that I had not thought about in a long time, like dovetail joints on our furniture.

A recent quote read:

Gratitude begins in our hearts and then dovetails into behavior. It almost always makes you willing to be of service, which is where the joy resides.

Makes you think doesn’t it? Barring the pandemic, why are we not more likely to be of service when that is where joy resides? And who doesn’t want more joy?

David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine Monk and major motivator at Once he posted a challenge to write out 100 Gratitudes, not only numbering the items (What) but also asking that you detail the WHY of your gratitude. It was an interesting challenge. The first few I was more prolific on the whys than the last few. Guess I found it too hard to have to detail why I was grateful. What a spoiled brat!

Gratefulness and gratitude cannot be overstated. The practice reminds us that we are not in charge, no matter how much we want to be!

Family Humor Memories

Language Humor 3

When was the last time you ate Basketti?

When I was a nanny one child I kept used to rub the sauce in her eyes every time we served it to her! Yuck. I would think that would burn her eyes! That habit required a head bath after lunch in the kitchen sink while she laid upon the kitchen counter!

Have you played with a babbloony lately? Kate loved them!

When Emily was small she used to sing, lots! One of her favorites was “Hallelujah to the Wham!” Yep, the Lamb was Jesus. I loved that! Always reminded me that Almighty Jesus packs a punch!

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Bob and I got our first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. It was a relief to get the process started. After a drive through cone at Dairy Queen we decided that since it was a pretty day we would go see if there was progress on the new construction. We hoped the slab had finally been poured.

Were we ever surprised! Yes, the slab had been poured, inspections done and framers were hard at work.

The crane is in front of our garage where the driveway will eventually go. The boards sticking out of the side of the house is the Master Bathroom. Other window is in the guest room..

Boards in this window locate the office for you. We will have two windows looking out on the street. The man with the orange ladder is standing inside our front entrance. Obviously, no door yet.

We went back the next day to take the guys some donuts and the roof trusses were on. Monday, March 1 the shingles were to be delivered. Hoping the weather will hold for them to get it shingled this week without getting drenched. We had 2 inches of rain yesterday! It is supposed to be drying out.

After that most progress will be hard to record in photos. The interior work from drywall to flooring will take the bulk of the next 10 weeks.

Today is the first showing of our home to one family who is here from out-of-town for a family emergency. Then we board the dog on Saturday and Sunday, the 6th – 7th, and let the public make appointments to see it. The housing market here is so tight that most properties go into a bidding war and sell within 48 hours. (We could not find a house to buy. That is why we chose to build.) The only stickler for our property is we are rigid about no occupancy by them until May 28.

Unless the Lord builds the house,

    the builders labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!


Jay Died in His Sleep

My mom always said that was what she wanted. She too, died in her sleep. That is another story altogether.

Jay was actually Joseph M. Lerant, my best friend’s older brother. He was a type 1 diabetic. He survived the COVID 19 outbreak in the nursing home. He was 73 when he died on February 17, 2021. You see February 22 was Jay’s funeral service. He was only three years older than me. And he has “gone to his reward.” He was something of a miracle man in that he had juvenile Type 1 diabetes, yet lived to 73 with all of his limbs in tact. There was a pesky wound on his heal that refused to heal. Perhaps it was talk of amputating that foot that led him to loose his grip on life.

One of my first introductions to classical music was when I heard him practicing and learning to play the following on the upright piano in their dining room.

And then there was this one.

Oh goodness. I am about to cry. He would tease his sister Dana and me mercilessly. He gave us nicknames. The three of us took silly photos together when I got hold of a camera once.

When he advanced to this piece I was mesmerized by the music. His hands flying over the keys as he practiced. Not Grandma Snapp’s piano hymns.

One time when I “was invited over” for dinner Jay’s details of the anatomy of a chicken almost made me ‘barf.’ He nicknamed his mother’s favorite tea “constant vomit,” instead of Constant Comment.

He had an amazing brain. He could remember not only conversations, where you were going when it took place, but the date and usually the time. Often he recalled the weather that day and perhaps what you were wearing.

Jay was the first person I knew who went to a counselor regularly. His sharing of that experience was a generous gift. I have now seen my share of counselors.

May he rest in peace in the Presence of our Resurrected Lord and Savior.

St. Ignatius prayed, ““Wherever Your glory be best served, whenever, however; there, then, and in that state let me Your servant be; only hide not from me Your divine love.”

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Miracle of Melting

Have you ever watched autumn leaves falling? Didn’t it seem rather miraculous that one week they were offering you shade and the next they were colored as if by crayon and tumbling through the breeze? The February snow reminded me of the leaves.

I had been complaining about snow that fell and melted in just a few hours. Once in Wisconsin it had been a delight to watch snow fall at the rate of an inch an hour.  Then we had snow in Ohio, upon older snow upon piling snow until there was an accumulation of about 14 inches that did not melt but stayed!

After two weeks of constant snow cover, birds that do not usually come to the feeder were suddenly eating the seed we put out. There was nothing else available except for a few bugs under tree bark.

Fourteen days in I was more than weary of wading into deep snowbanks. Sinking into deep snow while walking this dog who still refuses to ‘do her business’ in our yard was giving me a workout. Irritability was growing. At least I had long zip up boots instead of having to lace up ankle bracers!

My husband and I had been daydreaming about not having to bundle up against the arctic cold to walk the dog. We even mused about the time we could just grab her leash, hook her on and head out the door!

And then there began a slow but gradual thaw. At first there was only a tiny border around the base of the trees. Then on the hill patches of brown leaf detritus with birds hopping around, turning over leaves looking for lunch.

This miracle of melting snow, the return of rocks, grass, and soil – a marvelous discovery. Today I walked the dog amongst snow banked on the sides of the road. The melting was a constant sound as the water flowed out of the yards, across the seams in the sidewalk and down into the storm sewers. Gurgling water, not created by a man made fountain!

It was as if I was watching a holy transformation. Suddenly we do not require boots, scarf, hat, and gloves. Today it was 50 degrees! Tomorrow’s forecast is 51 degrees. Then almost every trace of snow will have vanished.  One more of the many miracles of our God.

By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast.

Job 37:10 ESV

Out walking on 2/27/21 there were still patches of snow!

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The Lord of Hurt and Wounded Beings

The Slave’s Ear© Molly Lin Dutina 2020

 Oh Malchus,slave of the High Priest
 When your ear was cut off and began gushing blood
 Were you startled? In anguished pain?
 When the Lord Christ restored it
 Did you then refuse to go with those who
 Came to arrest Him?
 Did you ever believe He was the Christ?
 He healed you and what was your response?
 Jesus, besides being saddened that 
 The slave’s ear was cut off
 Did You heal him to keep
 Your disciple out of trouble
 Knowing that harming the slave of the High Priest
 Would bring that disciple harm?
 Or did You heal him on the principle
 That hurt and wounded things
 Are Your specialty?
 Did he believe when You restored him
 I want to know the end of that story
 Many times I have lashed out at others
 Not with sharpened sword but
 Words or actions as sharp as swords
 And You delivered me
 You made it right
 Offered healing to those I have hurt
 Keep me from myself 
 Help me to give You glory
 To my last day and dying breath
 I pray 

We can experience physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain. When the three arrive simultaneously our tipping point can occur.

When that happens it is time to withdraw from one thing or another to preserve our ability to cope.

Are you nearing the edge of your tolerance?

Can you see where and how to preserve your coping self? What might bring you solace and relief, what might raise your shield of defense? Lord, You are our shield and Mighty Deliverer. Lead and guide us in Your ways.

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Two More Weeks!

Do you know the joke about the construction crew that kept saying “Two more weeks!” They warned us when we signed the contract that the house would be ready for us to move in by the end of April or early May – unless – one of those polar vortexes came through. Well guess what arrived several weeks ago? You got it. Our own delay due to greater than average snows and temperatures MUCH lower than average for our area.

I did not really believe it when they told us the end of April.

Image from a vacation sort of fits 2021 experience of home building in the winter of 2021.

Meanwhile the realtor came to discuss when to list and how much to ask for our current abode. A moving company came to discuss how much they would charge to pack and/or move us. They will even unpack us for another charge and do it rapidly! Having had much of our lives in boxes for several months that sounds appealing, but also exhausting.

So we try not to run out of ideas of things to do until the move is imminent. Bob is not fun when he is bored! Every time I mention starting a jigsaw puzzle he sort of cringes. Today the snow is melting rapidly. Blue skies, bird songs. Almost time to work in the yard (oh I should have typed mud).

Beagle Family Humor Memories

Lizzie Language

When Lizzie was small she called Polka Dots, Polka Spots. Makes a lots of sense if you ponder it for a moment. Now our beagle, Lucky, sports polka spotted legs!

Photo was prior to her adoption!
Aging Family Humor Memories

Rhythm or Melody?

Grandma Snapp played the piano most of her life. My Grandfather was a preacher. Grandma played the piano. My mother, their only daughter for 21 years, was made to lead the hymns standing on a soapbox.

In her last years Grandma Snapp drummed her fingers on the table. That made my mother crazy! I always imagined she was perhaps playing part of a piano piece?

When I turned 65, I found myself unconsciously drumming a rhythm with my fingers. When I realized what I was doing I wondered, do I do it because Grandma did? Is it hereditary? I am not a pianist. The rhythm seems comforting.

iPhone will let you set your vibration signal. I have mine set for incoming calls. Guess how I set mine? Yep, same rhythm! Find it under ringtone, custom vibration.