Been Too Busy

I live with Mr. Tidy, better known as Robert Dutina. He knows I call him that. We are not exactly alike in this matter, though he has trained me fairly well over the last 48 years. We had to get the tree taken down and most of Christmas decorating dismantled because of an upcoming scheduled hospital procedure.

Bob is having a pacemaker implanted on January 3. This is a result of his critical illness that began January 2018. One of the nodes in his heart (there are two that control heartbeat) was damaged during that awful illness. The pacemaker should correct his pulse. Sometimes his heartbeat falls to 38 (not good) whereas mine might run 100. Normal is 60-100 beats per minute.

The above photo is basically how the doctor showed the device to us. There will be two electrical leads that go into his heart.

They say he will only have an overnight stay while they make certain it is regulated correctly. Everyone tells him it is a simple procedure, which sounds good unless it is YOUR heart they are speaking about.

We are hoping this is the end to that awful critical illness even of January 2018. He is scheduled to come home on the same day he was admitted last year. YIKES!

He is looking forward to warmer hands and feet. Fewer headaches. And more energy. Less dizziness. More energy? How will I ever keep up with him then?