Here is a good thing!

I am so excited to do this! It seems like just the thing I need after the distress of the past week. Hoping you can join me and others worldwide to celebrate joy! The book by Bishop Tutu and the Dali Lama was tremendous. This summit ought to be on your To-Do list big time!!

Feeling the pain of the world and recognizing how many are struggling with isolation and despair, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu met one last time before Arch’s passing to create a final gift for us all – poignant, practical, and often humorous teachings on how we can live with more Joy, even during deeply troubled times.

I loved and shared the book with many!

How could you resist this sort of joy?

There is evidently a video which I intend to watch very soon!

From what I can gather the video is presented by YouTube in short sections. Still, these guys are some of the greatest teachers on earth.

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