Decades Ago

The photo that opened this post is my favorite Veteran. My Dad, Paul Arthur Rush, served in World War II. He was a navy signalman on several different battleships. Sadly, he died in 1961 from heart disease. There was not much in the way of treatment for heart disease at that time. Mom always told the story, “The doctors told him to quit smoking, quit drinking and quit hunting. His response was that he would rather be dead.” Sadly I was only eleven when he got his desired end.

Sort of amusing that the former navy signalman is playing with my Dennis the Menace puppet!

I cannot begin to express how much I have missed him over the ensuing 61 years. Here I am right before his funeral.

Since that many years have passed it is difficult to recall many details about my dad. People used to think I looked just like him. As I grew older, old family friends decided I looked just like my mom. Go figure. Dad and I did have a similar sense of humor.

I remember him letting me put his hair in pin curls while he watched TV once. He liked pretzels and candy, especially bulls-eyes.

On a run to the Pony Keg to get more beer with a friend, he would let me buy candy. When they read his will I asked if I could have the change they mentioned for candy. The room erupted in laughter. I do not think I ever got the coins.

AARP Magazine for October/November 2022 Has a Heart Disease Brief that reads: “3D view of Coronary Arteries, For people with chest pain, shortness of breath or signs of heart blockage, an FDA-cleared test called HeartFlow FFRct Analysis can provide a three-dimensional look at the arteries of the heart without an invasive imaging procedure. Studies show the test can help identify who does – and doesn’t – need more invasive tests and treatments.”

Dad’s favorite piece of classical music

I have one book that I know he owned. “Stories of Great Artists” with a copyright of 1903. His name is written inside the cover. His brother Howard is written inside the back cover along with mine. No other marks inside the book. I have always wondered if one of the works of art in the book was his favorite?

After his death I was forlorn. That also sent me on my quest for someone to fill his place. No one could. Then I truly began to turn to God as my Father. God my Father has never disappointed or abandoned me. I still miss my Dad though.

I have outlived both of my parents. Dad was 46 when he died. Mom was 61. I think we never appreciate our parents as much when they are alive as after they are gone. May they rest in peace.

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