When we visited the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City we were amazed to find these sculptures, larger than life, of famlies in wagon trains and men on horseback. At first I really had no idea what the purpose was. My imagination went wild!

Look at this couple. He is determined!


Now notice the close-up of his woman below. Can’t you hear her terror?

DSCN2489“Honey, ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THIS THING?” It seemed as if she would rip his head off!

And then this couple – upright and focused.DSCN2486In their close up she looks eager and excited.

DSCN2487He seemed to be having a bit of trouble with his horse. A rider came up alongside him to help.dscn2484.jpgWell it turned out they were in a group of 50,000 people in the 1989 Oklahoma Land Rush (OOPS 1889 was the year) to lay claim to Unassigned Lands for homesteading. Paul Moore created these bronze statutes to commemorate the event and they are tremendous. If you like horses, be certain to stop here on your way through Oklahoma as the detail on the horses is magnificent.

A suit? Yes, he was wearing a suit!


National Cowboy Museum

Someone told us the Cowboy Museum was a great place to visit. We had not added Oklahoma to our list of States visited, so we headed there one late autumn.

Approaching the museum I was amused by this statue. What in the world was that Indian Brave doing carrying that umbrella? Was it a joke of some sort? Not very funny I thought to make fun of the Native Americans that way!

(I know, not the best light for a photo, but wait! Wait! There’s more!)

IMG_3705 - Copy















As I went around the side of the statue, look below for what I found! (Again not the best light, but a joyous surprise!)

IMG_3706 - Copy

Such love, trust and devotion captured in a statue that at first seemed to mock. From then on the museum was one surprise after another. Yes, it celebrated both Cowboys and Indians. Stop in if you ever get a chance to visit Oklahoma City.

Here is another exposure


The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, with more than 28,000 Western and American Indian art works and artifacts.

Perhaps You Are Wondering?

Why in the world the title of this blog and why the nasturtium photo?

I keep finding in my journey with God that there are treasures all around in plain sight. Will I take the time to slow down, look and listen? Once when going to the garden to pick nasturtiums I was stunned by the snail inside the flower and the sunlight through the plant. Ran into the house to get my camera, hoping the snail would stay put. It did!! Thus the banner photo. One of those wonders you cannot forget. What if I had been in such a hurry that I missed the snail? What if I were so preoccupied that I blew it off. These years after that photo, I would have been sad I had not captured it on film. And you would not have enjoyed it with me. Yep, “Slow down,” says the snail. Soak in the unexpected grandeur of the light. Then pick and enjoy the fragrance of the nasturtiums.

And why did I plant nasturtiums? When we were first married we lived in an apartment in Oakland, California on Alcatraz Avenue. There was an old-fashioned driveway right outside the window where we ate our meals. In the green area down the middle someone had planted nasturtiums.

No,  that is not our old driveway in the photo. Just showing you an example of a “ribbon driveway.”

Then Bob remembered the song below from New Christy Minstrels. This predated Tiny Tim and you have to listen all the way through to get the nasturtium reference.

So nasturtiums have held a special place in my heart since  1970 when we were married, memories of my husband singing me the song, and also since I found that snail. Not to mention, that they are also edible!! Hope you have a few in your salad soon!

Well, I have done it!

I am starting a second blog to share with you my poetry, stories and longer spiritual experiences. Research shows that most people want to read something that is short. The post about the doors and change had lots of photos. I will try to keep this blog, Treasures in Plain Sight, short. My new blog is called Stand & Tip. When I get it up and running there will be a link to it under the Menu. I might send out invitations like I did on this blog. I would delight to read your comments.

I hope you are laughing and have fun with what I’ve written so far. Below is a photo of Bob learning to take selfies at the Koran Conservatory during the butterfly show.