The 3:20 Timer

Many months ago I set the alarm on my watch to ring every afternoon at 3:20. I use the reminder to help me stop and praise the LORD. Sometimes I am reminded to go listen to the John Eldredge Pause for the Resilient study. Though not necessarily worded in prayer form they are things I am grateful for!

Here are a few recent results.

1. Reminded me to listen to Resilient Pause for the evening of whatever date the calendar reads. Always draws me closer to God.

2. Rejoice as Bob and I take a ride in the sunshine enjoying the old houses and getting along sweetly. Many people my age are widows. I am still with Bob.

3. Thank God for the strength to brush the beagle (who sheds and sheds) and also clean up the leaves from the front door area after the wind storms we’ve been having.

4. Sitting listening to music and so pleased to be sewing Swedish embroidery for towel edging. Prayed a blessing over the edging for whoever I gift it to.

5. Walking at Hocking Hills with Bob.

6. Sleeping through the alarm very tired after a walk at Hocking Hills 🙂

7. Holding twin baby girls – alternating with Bob.

How would an afternoon timer turn your attention to God? What would you find yourself grateful for at the time? I chose a time that I knew I might be oblivious to God with me. What time are you immersed in the world and needing a reminder to turn your heart and mind to Him? Maybe you could hum a Christian song when it rings and turn your heart to Him that way?

If your watch has an alarm on it you might want to try this for one week and draw yourself out of this world and towards the next!

“Blessed are you, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth.

Matthew 26:26
Washington National Cathedral

You can take this prayer and fill in anything you want to pray instead of ‘who brings forth bread from the earth.’ I do not worry about changing this Scripture, but I take this as a launching pad for prayer. What better way to interrupt your distraction by things of the world than “Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe … who draws my attention to Yourself?”

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