Humor and Aging

Without your glasses are you using the Spray ‘n Wash stain stick or Underarm deodorant?

With your glasses off are those eye drops or scalp drops?

Steroid cream says do not use internally. Doctor says apply to your gums. Go figure!

If you are on a low salt diet is it okay to soak your foot in Epsom Salts? How about swimming in a friend’s in ground salt water pool?

Level of pain determines which cream I use on my face! Arthritis and TMJ are NO FUN!!

How come we find time to do so many things, including visiting others, and rarely find time to do things for us (like shooting photos downtown or cutting quilt squares)?

Since I never learned how to cook for two I have plenty of food to share with others!

My, oh my, this life brings humor if we are willing to look for it! I do not envy my kids or caregivers as I age. How come I think many of those comfort options will be dropped then as non-essential? A counselor who did her internship at a nursing home said she wants to hire someone when she grows old to pluck the hairs that grow in unusual places. How about my left elbow? Can I count on you to do that for me?!?

  • Mercy Abounds

    Mercy Abounds

    Last Sunday (8-7-22) I posted about a fisherman pastor and mercy. The theme came to me again this morning during my prayer time. When Bill Moyers offered a PBS television series on poetry he featured Coleman Barks. Barks is a renowned poet in his own right and a scholar on Rumi translations. Rumi was a […]

  • In Due Season

    Watching “The Green Planet” again and came across this! That has to be one of the most amusing ways I have seen to spread seeds! That is the “Harvest Mouse” eating, of course, dandelion seeds. They showed an actual film of the mouse climbing the stem. I was again laughing out loud! No idea what […]

  • Climate Change Hits Cincinnati

    Climate Change Hits Cincinnati

    I am not out of topics, but I want to tell you a couple weather stories. Weatherman says “If you get under one of these thunderstorms it can pour heavy rain.” Yesterday at our house it poured 2-1/2 inches in about 2 hours. With 98% humidity weatherman says ‘that’s a ridiculous humidity level!’ I so […]

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