The Daughters

On April 15, 2022 I wrote a post about daughters and dying to self. You can read that at

I have since decided to adopt that headstone. Why not? My parents are buried across town. I have never gotten much from visiting burial sites, but this headstone calls to me with the reminder that I need to die to myself. There is this huge headstone with the family name. As far as I can tell there are no other graves around it except theirs. How sad. I would like to figure out how to clean it off from years of weather stains.

After I visited last time, I researched Mr and Mrs Daughter on line. There was very little revealed about them. Only the location of their graves.

W. P. Daughters was born 1855 and died 1914. Fannie M. Daughters was born 1859 and died 1915. Come to think of it, for all I know they might have been brother and sister? One listing had Fannie as Fannie M. Bennett Daughters. So unlikely they were brother and sister. Perhaps this might get me to the Clermont County court house records? I have been meaning to go for years since I learned of the purported divorce my mother had that it is rumored my father paid for so they could get married?

I do not want this to be the only legacy when I die. In fact, Bob and I do not have a grave site, unless of course the kids decide otherwise after we die. We purchased a brick with Dutina engraved on it at Sawyer Point Park, downtown Cincinnati. So if the kids or grand-kids feel a need to pay us tribute they can go for a walk in the park to find the brick. Column 30E. 16 paces towards stadium. 3 rows N from Drain #5. If you see power plugs you went too far.

Good luck!!

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