Henri Nouwen wrote a book entitled Life of the Beloved. In it he puts forth the concept that Jesus takes us, blesses us, then we are broken and given just as He was. There are many publications of this book with different covers. Here is one:

I have long admired Christy Nockels for her amazing worship songs. She recently published a book entitled The Life You Long For.

Bob bought me the Kindle version for Christmas. I could not wait to open it and dive in. She writes:

Often our Enemy’s fiercest strategy against us as the Beloved is keeping us consumed with living for God rather than living from God. Our Enemy knows full well that when we live from God, it lifts the burden and the stress and the striving and restores to us the joy of knowing God and loving Him.

The Life Your Long For: Learning to Live from a Heart of Rest

Christy goes on to diagram her idea of aiming at the target of living from “the calling of the Beloved.” In 1988 I identified it as living from the inside out.

Inside Out © 1988 		Molly Lin Dutina		

I want to live from the inside out,
always within the center-down silence.
Having to struggle to get back 
is not the direction I choose.

Teach me, Lord, and help me 
know how to grow 
from the peaceful
sanctuary within.

Show me please where 
to refresh our love.
Give me attitudes that will unravel me
from the sin which so easily entangles.

Make me one with You, Lord,
so I will know 
how to be close 
to all that is around me.

Help me, Father,
and be glorified in my life.

Beloved, may this be the year that you, too, desire to live from the inside out. Buying Nouwen's book or Christy's book might help you. They are both great books. I hope you will make it your goal to learn to live as God's Beloved. 

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