Have You Seen This One?

In our Psalm 23 study group one gal suggested we watch this documentary. It is fantastic. Besides the opening scenes are shot in St. Andrews, Scotland where Bob went to school for a year!! Please make time to watch it. An interesting challenge to genuine Christianity and the priests and religious who serve the sheep. The documentary has humor, beauty, wisdom and far reaching thoughts for each of us.

I love when the monk says, “I am a sinner. But not only that, I am a beloved sinner.” Rich wisdom in this short documentary. Imagine if we each were to slow down enough to really get to know our fellow sheep? Do you know the people in your small group beyond superficial greetings?

I challenge you for the next month to slow down to God’s speed and discover what He has for you there!

One thought on “Have You Seen This One?

  1. I love the last picture. The ‘wild Scottish’ gentleman on the right is wearing a kilt with a tartan very similar to my Irvine Clan’s tartan. I’m Scottish on my mother’s side.


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