Reading Guideposts

While away by myself I began reading my back copies of Guideposts. I subscribe because that little magazine almost ALWAYS moves me in some way. Then I get busy and miss an edition, throw it in a drawer for later. Something happens and I do not read the next one. Eventually, feeling guilty, I do not renew my subscription. So here I was during February, 2022 in a motel room reading the August/September 2021 edition.

The cover story was written by Harry Connick, Jr. about himself. Wow! He found his world turned upside down like all of us did when the pandemic began. He began to get in touch with his faith. His dad “took charge” of his faith when Harry was a child. His mom was born Jewish and did not have a problem with dad taking Harry to church. Then, like many of us, he lost track of his faith in the shuffle of life.

While staying home during the first year of the pandemic he searched his heart concerning his faith and made music – as in wrote, performed and sang very part- in his home studio – until he had created a new album entitled Alone with My Faith. I was able to hear it on You Tube and it is wonderful.

Harry did some arrangements of old time hymns like The Old Rugged Cross as well as writing some original songs such as Thank You for Waiting for Me and All These Miracles. I was amazed to learn he knew so many instruments including the tuba. Guess if you create New Orleans style music you need that tuba! I told Bob I was certain he had added some harmonies by other people when the quarantines were lifted. Reading the article again I read that he did ALL the vocals. You will be amazed by his talent if you listen to God and My Gospel. Sure sounds like a group of folks! Bob was startled by some of the familiar hymns set in a new arrangement!!

Just imagine this 54 year old, worth $45 million is willing to share his renewed faith with the world!

Even if you are not a Harry Connick, Jr fan but love the Lord, I encourage you to check out this music for yourself. The album and one of the songs are entitled Alone with My Faith. His daughter helped design the cover made from the broken down useless piano he is standing on.

I keep returning to “Thank You for Waiting for Me” as the refrain reminds me of walking in the ways of Brother Lawrence. “If I’m listening, really listening, I’ll hear. If I’m looking, really looking, I’ll see. If I’m praying, really praying, I will try to understand..”

Are you listening, really listening? Are you looking, really looking? Are you praying, really praying? I hope so! Blessings abound if we only will begin!

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