Yes, I know this is a cluttered photo. I snapped it to share with my daughter. This is my “Christmas Cactus” true name Zygocactus. Mine usually blooms sometime during the winter. This being the year of Covid and doom and gloom, death all around, mine decided to bloom on November 13 and bore mostly DOUBLE blossoms and buds! Yes, I was amazed, surprised and thankful. By November 13 most of my garden flowers are long past blooming. I did have an occasional carnation and snapdragon, but no more bouquets like April-September!

That corner of our office is no longer cluttered. We have been going through the house like the Tasmanian devil cartoon character!

Ruthlessly throwing things out like notes from retreats I have taught in the past. The four drawer filing cabinet is down to one. I just need inspiration to finish that one! I looked at one thing in the office and realized I had not even touched it in a year. Away it went.

The basement is unrecognizable. We have pared down, given away and trashed many items. This is one of my husband’s dreams some true. He knows I call him “Mr. Tidy.” I am not nearly as tidy as him. So Mr. Tidy is enjoying this process. Now he is amazed, surprised and thankful. I am getting into it. Covid staying at home has done this weird thing to me!!

Know anyone who wants some vintage crochet patterns? Yikes.

8 thoughts on “Cluttered

  1. So far there have only been a few things we are sorry we passed along. You have been amazingly ruthless! Easier to do this before we move than when we are 80!

  2. I love the blooming Christmas cactus, Molly. I have one that has not bloomed in years–maybe it is getting too much light. As for clutter, I have lived in the same townhouse since 1993, so I have had a lot of time to accumulate “stuff.”

      1. I think I probably need to repot it–I think it may have spent 10 years in the same pot. Decluttering is an idea with which I agree in principle, but have trouble doing it in practice. 🙂

      2. A quick update–you comment prompted me to water the cactus, which I have not done for a while. I was shocked to see that it has a flower on it right now. There is only one flower, but it put a huge smile on my face when I saw it.

      3. Treasures in plain sight! They usually need water every 7-10 days depending on humidity in your house. They are not like the cactus that grows in mostly sand that gets watered rarely.

  3. My husband has been trying to clean the same garage for 35 years 😂 nostalgia always seems to get in the way! Love the cactus btw we have the same one and it always brings a little joy when it blooms!

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