Now for the rest of the Beagle story!

When the teapot whistled and I went to pour the water over the tea I dropped my lap blanket. Lucky decided mine was a really nice blanket.

I brought hers into the office! As I put my blanket back in my chair I was murmuring “Mine! Mine!”

She is content to use hers. Yes, there are times when she seems to fill the role of the Princess.

Recently I placed her pillow against the arm of the sofa instead of horizontally on the sofa.

She tried to make the best of the arrangement. Just could not quite get comfortable. She has yet to figure out how to rearrange pillows!

She looks to me as if she is saying, “Why, oh why did they do this?”

Poor puppy dog! Viagen Pets cites 10 reasons why folks love dogs: loyalty, friendship, therapy, health, unconditional love, protection, selflessness, exercise, forgiveness, and happiness. Bob says all she ever wants is FOOD. I prefer to understand her differently!

I hope there was a beagle at the manger in Bethlehem!

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