Joseph of Arimathea

When Jesus died on the cross they needed a tomb for His body. If you are familiar with your Bible the Jews needed to put Him in a tomb so they could make preparation for their Sabbath. Sabbath was sunset Friday night to sunset Saturday night. The plan was to return Sunday morning to finish His burial.

Joseph of Arimathea was able to provide a tomb for Jesus. He is mentioned in all four gospels. He was part of the Sanhedrin Council but secretly a believer in Jesus. He was wealthy and at great risk to himself asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Luke 23:53, “Joseph took down the body of Jesus, wrapped it in a linen cloth, and laid it in a rock-hewn tomb where no one had ever been laid.”

At our house we have been watching a program called The Chosen. It is available through an app. To learn more click on this link.

The portrayal of Joseph of Arimathea has been great. So human and searching, just like me. I do not know who said this, but I just love it.

Jesus borrowed a grave. He did not need it for long!

Unknown Author

Remember the Incomplete Hike?

Remember when I described trying to hike to Piedra Falls? We could not get all the way to the falls due to mud and steep grade? Dan did spot a sight for us though! Wheeling above us was a Golden Eagle. So much fun to travel with our best friends! I found a photo on the web.

Dan knows how to identify birds in flight much better than I do. We were delighted to catch a glimpse of a golden eagle in its natural habitat. I liked the web photo below, too. What a wonder!!

Golden Eagle -Aquila chrysaetos- in flight, landing at a bait place, Kainuu, Utajarvi, Nordfinnland, Finland

Bob was certain we saw another in the field one morning. As you can tell from my snapshot, the web photos are much better!

Or is it a big hawk at the corner of the fences?

Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high?  It dwells on a cliff and stays there at night; a rocky crag is its stronghold.  From there it looks for food; its eyes detect it from afar.

Job 39:27-29 NIV

Two Persons This Grammy is SO Proud Of!

So we were traveling from Colorado to New Mexico and stopped for lunch at Rio Chama Coffee in Chama, New Mexico. My photo did not come out great, so this is their photo from the website.

There was a mother and daughter seated near us on the outdoor patio – but not too near of course! After looking at this white van in the parking lot for a while, I finally approached them and asked if that was their van. They said, “Yes.” I asked if it was okay with them if I took a photo of the logo on the window. I explained that our Grandgirls in Ohio both play volleyball. Unlikely they will ever meet for a match. As far as I know no Native American teams play in our girls’ tournaments!

So proud of our #6!
And our #32 Athlete! Photo by Robert Dutina
High flying Grandgirl Photo by Robert Dutina

Both girls are well grounded in their family, though you certainly cannot tell by looking at their flying and jumping skills! 😉

From the Truck

My sister drives a truck in Colorado. I wondered how she managed to get in it. I am taller than her and it was a stretch for me! Well, Bob took me for a ride in the truck and a CD was in the player. Cowboy and western classics. So when you view this video, that is what you hear in the background, and of course, the breeze!

And this tiny Aspen is next to Ponderosa Pines. I was startled to see what we in the east call “Spanish moss” hanging from the pines. I supposed Colorado might have another name for that, too! Any way there was moss hanging from some of the tree boughs. Not nearly as spectacular as in the southern US.

Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth.

Psalm 96:9 NIV

Long Legged Skunk

While driving in Colorado we passed a particular cattle ranch going to and from the ranch where we were staying and the town of Pagosa Springs. I spotted something I had never seen before! A skunk with huge long legs. I laughed out loud and made Bob turn around so he could see it too!!

Do you see it? Almost center of the photo? Just a bit right of center!

Yep! Every time we drove past I looked for the long-legged skunk. Trying to get a good photo for you. It was not always in the pasture.

I found this hilarious! Maybe it was the altitude. Maybe it was the injury from the ATV. Actually it’s called ” ‘Riggit’ Galloway cattle. They are a well documented archaic strain of Galloway, easily identifiable by the white stripe, running down their spine. The white colouration may include a widening of the stripe to cover much of the back, particularly on the hind quarters.” Information taken from the website

Colorado likely has their own name for it. In the Old Testament (Genesis 30) distinctions were made between animals with spots, without spots, etc. I wonder how this kind of distinguished cattle would have been categorized?


It was seventy degrees some days last week but the snowballs here just keep flying! On the date of my birthday Bob was walking our Lucky and she was attacked by a pit bull. Bob kicked the dog and punched it several times in the face while the owner tried to get it under control. It had gotten out of it’s choke chain. He arrived back at home with Lucky limping, bleeding from her shoulder and her eye. The only way we could pick her up was in a towel and even then she cried out in pain.

I called my daughter to tell her we were going to the vet. Before she heard my news she enthusiastically said, “Happy Birthday!!” I replied, “Not yet.”

After multiple phone calls we got her in to the vet. Due to Covid we had to wait in the car. They sedated her and did x-rays to see if she had broken bones or punctured organs. She did not. Shaved the shoulder bite and stitched it up. Two groin bites. Her bleeding eye was so startling! We went home with 3 Rx and eye drops for her. The vet said, “This is one lucky dog!” I am certain that Bob saved her life as much as the vet. He had flashbacks of the incident for several days.

So yes, I was a little distracted last week. SARCASM! Majorly distracted. She would barely let us touch her for the first 2 days. Her pain was great. She did not jump on furniture (which she is allowed to do) and was almost in a stupor of shock and pain.

After the first 5 days or so we did offer her a car ride without her harness due to the stitches in her shoulder. Just attached her collar to the car cord. She is getting spoiled with hot dogs since we put her pills in hot dog pieces twice a day. She is healing nicely.

We are hoping and believing the vet will have nothing but good news this week. Sadly, she will have to get boosters on her shots as the other dog was NOT up to date on his shots. We have asked the owner to remove the dog from the neighborhood by next weekend. The owner will also pay the vet bills for Lucky from this incident.

Not the birthday that Bob had planned for me. He did however have my favorite cake already made before this happened! Lyn’s Cream of Coconut cake. Delicious!!

Maybe in another post I will show comparison photos of her before and after injuries. I am so grateful we still have our little timid beagle!

“Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

Proverbs 12:10

Thank Someone

Yes, I want to thank my God and Father for a long and wonderful life. The sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. The resurrection that goes beyond my comprehension though I hope to participate in that same resurrection. For a terrific marriage of over 50 years!!! For two great children, now adults. For three grandkids whom I love. For our Lucky-to-be-alive dog. Maple trees, daffodils, seasons, all the myriad of things I get to write about. Friends, old and new.