Long Legged Skunk

While driving in Colorado we passed a particular cattle ranch going to and from the ranch where we were staying and the town of Pagosa Springs. I spotted something I had never seen before! A skunk with huge long legs. I laughed out loud and made Bob turn around so he could see it too!!

Do you see it? Almost center of the photo? Just a bit right of center!

Yep! Every time we drove past I looked for the long-legged skunk. Trying to get a good photo for you. It was not always in the pasture.

I found this hilarious! Maybe it was the altitude. Maybe it was the injury from the ATV. Actually it’s called ” โ€˜Riggitโ€™ Galloway cattle. They are a well documented archaic strain of Galloway, easily identifiable by the white stripe, running down their spine. The white colouration may include a widening of the stripe to cover much of the back, particularly on the hind quarters.” Information taken from the website https://www.riggitgallowaycattlesociety.co.uk/

Colorado likely has their own name for it. In the Old Testament (Genesis 30) distinctions were made between animals with spots, without spots, etc. I wonder how this kind of distinguished cattle would have been categorized?

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