A Song of Creation

Our walk at the Edge of Appalachia took us to Creek’s Bend Overlook where I recorded this short 31 second video. With all the pandemic stress and arguing about re-opening and death spikes, I found this SO refreshing. The wind makes it a bit difficult to hear the water, but it was makes sound, too. Maybe turn up your volume as we glorify the Lord together.

Canticle 12

Glorify the Lord, all you works of the Lord,
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.
In the firmament of His power, glorify the Lord,
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.
Let the earth glorify the Lord,
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.
Glorify the Lord, O mountains and hills,
And all that grows upon the earth,
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.
Glorify the Lord, O springs of water, seas and streams,
O whales and all that move in the waters.
All birds of the air, glorify the Lord
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.
Glorify the Lord, O beasts of the wild,
And all you flocks and herds.
O men and women everywhere, glorify the Lord,
Praise Him and highly exalt Him for ever.


“I cannot wear the mask they gave me. I broke out in a rash. I have asthma I cannot wear a mask.”

“Wearing a mask makes her anxiety worsen. Why isn’t anyone concerned about her?”

“I carry one in my pocket. If I go in a store and I am in the minority by not wearing a mask, then I will put it on.”

Well, as this site shows, masks have been recommended for asthma for a very long time. https://www.newtoasthma.com/breathing-masks-for-asthma/

If the mask causes a rash try a cotton mask instead. I will send you one if you do not have access to one as long as my elastic supply and fabric supply holds out! Of course, if you are reading this from overseas, I may not be able to afford the postage on that! If you are local to the US, comment and tell me how to contact you for mailing address, etc.

Masks protect others if you happen to be shedding the disease. Masks also help you NOT to touch your eyes, nose, mouth, face while you are out and about. This respiratory virus enters through those areas of your body. So in this respect, wearing a mask protects you as it hinders what is usually an unconscious behavior.

If Jesus was walking the earth in 2020 do you think He would wear a mask? I think He would. He always taught we are to consider others over ourselves. Hear is one point of view! Mike is brother to one of my best friends. He is also a Pastor in Clermont County, Ohio. Hope you enjoy his video.

It is a proven fact that social distancing and wearing a mask saves lives. The life you save may be someone you know!

Ankle Monitoring

I heard a radio program a while ago about prisoners and release and ankle monitoring. The comment that struck me was the decision about electronic monitoring is based upon the “readiness to change level” of the prisoner. I have no idea what the criteria is for that, but it struck a chord in me.

This pandemic has changed our lives. I think many aspects have been changed forever. What is YOUR readiness to change level?

There are so many things that we in America CAN live without. Are we ready to release those things? Think about it! If your gateway to peace and freedom was based on what you were ready to let go of, what would you be willing to do differently?

Yes, I miss wandering through a grocery store and hitting the mark down bins for deals. I miss going into a grocery store period. But could I live without that experience? Yes, perhaps not happily, but yes. Not even mentioning other shopping.

Then the hot topics of social distancing and wearing masks. I heard about a woman who threw a sheet over her daughter so she could hug her safely. Yes, I am about ready to do that, especially with those Grandgirls!

April 3, 2020; Blue Ash, OH, USA; Cheryl Norton, of Blue Ash, hugs her daughter, who is an ICU nurse working the front lines during the new coronavirus pandemic, Friday, April 3, 2020. Norton so much wanted to hug her, so she put a covering over her so she could hold her tight, just for a moment. After this hug, Cheryl dropped the covering in the garage. It will lie there for three days before she washes it in hot soapy water. And she, of course, washed her hands. An involved process for a hug. Mandatory Credit: Liz Dufour/The Enquirer via USA TODAY Network

“An involved process for a hug.” Not too hard for me! I get it. Yes, I am thinking I need to wash the sheets I used to cover the plants when killer frost came through and keep them folded on the porch for when I CANNOT stand it any longer and need to hug!! Are you with me?

I miss our church family. When I recently heard one of our Pastors on our church YouTube Sunday broadcast pray, “Dear Gracious and Heavenly Father,” I nearly burst into tears. Just miss our family so much. My husband and I are both older and both have health risk factors. We may very well be the LAST ones to attend church when it reopens. I do know, I will spend eternity with these folks. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (NIV2011)  Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Stay calm as we all discover just how very much we need to change!

Took Off a Few Days

Well last week was a tiring week. Wednesday (20/5/6)I began having pain between my shoulder blades and noticed some shortness of breath. Thursday both continued.  Friday (20/5/8) morning coming up the stairs from sewing I was really short of breath. Also had a cough that was unusual. Finally called doctor in the afternoon. After long phone interview with nurse was told to go to ER. That was about 5 PM. Not Covid, no fever and was not even tested as I did not meet the criteria.

Blood work, chest x-ray, etc. kept coming back with good results. And then, “Oh by the way, we need to admit you.” WHAT!?!?!? Evidently there is a coronary score and I scored 4. If it had been 3 I could have gone home. Waited hour upon hour in the ER to be moved to the floor. Evidently they had to call in more nurses. Many had been furloughed due to lower hospital population because Covid criteria had cancelled elective surgeries, etc.

So by the time testing in ER was done, cafeteria was closed. I had missed dinner. They brought me a turkey sandwich, applesauce, cottage cheese and pudding. When you are hungry, it all tastes okay.

Finally got to bed at 2 AM on the floor. Scheduled  Saturday morning for nuclear stress test. And yep, you got it! NPO – nothing by mouth because of testing. At nuclear medicine they had me drink a Sierra Mist sugar free and I got 4 peanut butter crackers. Tasty! Evidently that helps the nuclear medication move through your heart. Back up to my room and nope. Nothing to eat. Missed breakfast. When floor doctor came in she said, “Feed her!” While waiting for cafeteria to deliver lunch I was given strawberry yogurt. Yummy! Lunch was chicken pot pie (albeit, salt free because I was on cardiac floor) peach cobbler, iced tea. Mom would be proud. I was a member of the Clean Plate Club!!

The Nuclear Stress Test results were negative (I DO have a heart!!) and I was released at 1:30 PM Saturday.  Bronchitis, steroids, inhaler. No antibiotic as no fever. Cough is better after steroids. Just. So. Tired. Now. after that lousy night with little sleep and short of breath. So all is well! And I will be also!

Am writing this Monday morning (20/5/11) and still short of breath. But so much better than Friday! And SO grateful to be home in our house, our own bed, my own shower and the glory in our garden and yard!!

One of the biggest fears during hospital stay was lousy weather forecast with below freezing temperatures for many hours into Saturday morning. I insisted we cover most blooms with sheets before going to the ER. We have white iris with 30 some blooms and orange poppies in bloom. Not counting purple iris, columbine, bachelor buttons, etc. around the yard. The good news is we only lost one poppy bloom. That was all. Bad forecast tonight too as far as frost. Hoping for the best!

Quote and Brain Power

The only certainty is the lack thereof.

Max Lucado

A friend recently pointed out that I am willing to use my brain power instead of telling God to take care of everything and just doing whatever I want to do. I wonder in this time of social uproar and unmasked people yelling in the faces of unmasked officers of the law protesting isolation and social distancing if perhaps sectors of America have not gone completely mad?

I am married to the Grandad you just might kill if you do not heed the scientific warnings about the spread of this virus. I am the Grandma you just might knock off with your carelessness. Is that what society at large wants? Just cull the herd and start with fewer numbers?

Sadly we may yet see armed persons entering grocery stores demanding all the meat on hand to be placed in their cars. Things are getting ugly out there. Rise up, people of God, and pray sanity and order back to America. May each of us ask for God’s help and use the good sense He gave us to endure through this trial.

My husband and I will be the last ones to go back to church. We are older and both of us have health factors. Until then, we will be praying and doing our best to fix our eyes on Jesus. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2) He is Wisdom from the Father. (1 Corinthians 1:30)

Darkness is tempting the world to throw aside wisdom. Don’t listen!

On My Mirror

As a reminder to myself I have this on my mirror. It helps me remember who is really in charge of my life!

Whatever it is that presses you, go tell the Father;
put the whole matter over into His hand,
and so shall you be freed from
that dividing, perplexing care that the world is full of.
When you are either to do or suffer anything,
when you are about any purpose or business,
go tell God of it,
and acquaint Him with it;
yes, burden Him with it.
Then you will have put the concerns and cares of the matter behind you.
From that point forward,
exercise quiet, sweet, diligence in your work,
recognizing your dependence on Him to carry the matter for you.
Roll your cares, and yourself with them, as one burden, all on your God.
--paraphrase of quote from Streams in the Desert, Nov. 11 R. Leighton

Easy words “From that point forward …

How simple is that to do? I keep practicing and the Pandemic has certainly challenged me in this respect. How are you doing with “rolling your cares and yourself with them, as one burden, all on your God”?

Sunshiny days seem to make it easier. A serious challenge and hopefully freeing!

I do recognize my dependence upon God to carry all matters for me. When my hands or wrists begin aching with arthritis, I will try to remember that He will carry all matters for me. If only I will let go!

Casting all your care on Him, because He cares about you.

1 Peter 5:7 (HCSB)

Wanna Smile?

Are you old enough to remember Woody Woodpecker cartoons?

According to Wikipedia: “Woody’s character and design evolved over the years, from an insane bird with an unusually garish design to a more refined looking and acting character…” The jungle like call of the pileated woodpecker and jackhammer like tree drumming likely informed the ” insane,” irratic original design.

Now think for a minute of a pileated woodpecker …

Here is a pileated one winter afternoon a few years ago out our bedroom window. Sometimes the ones that come around look larger, like small chickens! Recently we had one on the front feeder out the office window. He was so eager to eat the suet that if you look carefully you can see chunks rolling down his belly! Nope, not white feathers there, just suet.

Pileated by Robert Dutina