Took Off a Few Days

Well last week was a tiring week. Wednesday (20/5/6)I began having pain between my shoulder blades and noticed some shortness of breath. Thursday both continued.  Friday (20/5/8) morning coming up the stairs from sewing I was really short of breath. Also had a cough that was unusual. Finally called doctor in the afternoon. After long phone interview with nurse was told to go to ER. That was about 5 PM. Not Covid, no fever and was not even tested as I did not meet the criteria.

Blood work, chest x-ray, etc. kept coming back with good results. And then, “Oh by the way, we need to admit you.” WHAT!?!?!? Evidently there is a coronary score and I scored 4. If it had been 3 I could have gone home. Waited hour upon hour in the ER to be moved to the floor. Evidently they had to call in more nurses. Many had been furloughed due to lower hospital population because Covid criteria had cancelled elective surgeries, etc.

So by the time testing in ER was done, cafeteria was closed. I had missed dinner. They brought me a turkey sandwich, applesauce, cottage cheese and pudding. When you are hungry, it all tastes okay.

Finally got to bed at 2 AM on the floor. Scheduled  Saturday morning for nuclear stress test. And yep, you got it! NPO – nothing by mouth because of testing. At nuclear medicine they had me drink a Sierra Mist sugar free and I got 4 peanut butter crackers. Tasty! Evidently that helps the nuclear medication move through your heart. Back up to my room and nope. Nothing to eat. Missed breakfast. When floor doctor came in she said, “Feed her!” While waiting for cafeteria to deliver lunch I was given strawberry yogurt. Yummy! Lunch was chicken pot pie (albeit, salt free because I was on cardiac floor) peach cobbler, iced tea. Mom would be proud. I was a member of the Clean Plate Club!!

The Nuclear Stress Test results were negative (I DO have a heart!!) and I was released at 1:30 PM Saturday.  Bronchitis, steroids, inhaler. No antibiotic as no fever. Cough is better after steroids. Just. So. Tired. Now. after that lousy night with little sleep and short of breath. So all is well! And I will be also!

Am writing this Monday morning (20/5/11) and still short of breath. But so much better than Friday! And SO grateful to be home in our house, our own bed, my own shower and the glory in our garden and yard!!

One of the biggest fears during hospital stay was lousy weather forecast with below freezing temperatures for many hours into Saturday morning. I insisted we cover most blooms with sheets before going to the ER. We have white iris with 30 some blooms and orange poppies in bloom. Not counting purple iris, columbine, bachelor buttons, etc. around the yard. The good news is we only lost one poppy bloom. That was all. Bad forecast tonight too as far as frost. Hoping for the best!

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  1. Glad to hear that things are a bit better. The thought of going to a hospital right now is downright scary. Thanks for the shot of your garden. I really like the beautiful white irises with the touch of yellow. Hope you are feeling even better soon.

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