January 1995

We went on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico for our 25th anniversary. Our favorite restaurant was Palmeras. It was quite peculiar to use the ladies bathroom and find a maid-type person in there. She was passing out 4 squares of toilet paper. Guess they were on to the fact that Americans and tourists in general use up lots of toilet paper! There might have been other reasons, too, like possibly a septic tank?

Regardless, have you found yourself more conscious these days of how much toilet paper you use? There are even bakeries getting into the humor of toilet paper hoarding and shortages.

Isn’t it amazing the things we have taken for granted that are now in our consciousness more than they were 4 weeks ago? Are you able to find some humor in this? Have you started using bar soap as much as possible and conserving your hand sanitizer? Have you researched the homemade hand sanitizer recipes and tried that out? My Daughter and Grandgirl made some great sanitizer. I pray for them every single time I use it.

Neighbors? One keeps sending us smoked meat and soup, cookies and pulled pork. I have promised to send them some deviled eggs. They even tried baking bread. Yeast breads are one of Bob’s favorite things to create.

My debate this morning was whether to write a few blog entries or try my hand at sewing cotton masks first. I will get to that sewing hopefully after writing. You see Monday and Tuesday mornings have been my writing time. The schedule has been broken up badly what with toe surgery, (and then no foot hanging down for weeks), Bob’s knee surgery, and now this chaotic pandemic. But I have also been convicted that this is something I can do to cheer a few during this fearful time.

So if you aren’t busy today, you might want to try those TP cupcakes! Send me a photo if you get them accomplished. Until then, find SOMETHING to smile about. Ann Voskamp wrote in “1,000 Gifts” that if we look for things to be thankful for we will keep finding more. Research has shown that if you WRITE DOWN three things every day that you are grateful for the exercise can change your mental attitude. And no, you may not repeat the same three items day after day.

So count out your squares of toilet paper to conserve it. Tip the maid in the bathroom. Make the most of this time for reflection, drawing closer to God. Who knows? This may all change your life for the good!

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