I learned somewhere that much of our suffering is caused by how we think about things. The more we push against circumstances we do not like, the more we tense up (inside and out) and the more we increase our misery.

What if the degree of my angst was mostly up to me? Once I slipped down a deep tube of darkness, depressed over a situation I had no control over. As I recovered and came out of that situation I realized that much of my suffering was my own doing. I determined to never go to that place again.

We are all frightened and uncertain this week. Death totals are rising exponentially. New cases of Covid-19 are multiplying. None of us are immune and no one knows who around them has the virus. There is nothing easy about this. We have been told to wash our hands, keep our distance from others, stay at home as much as possible. Now what? So now we wait. As we wait we will see where this goes.

Don’t jump to the furthest negative conclusion.

This was my habit for years. I could get to the furthest negative in a flash. Much faster than I could ever run! For the last couple decades I have tried to change that. Sure, I may die. Actually someone pointed out that we all began dying the day we were born. Maybe I won’t even get ill. Assuming I will die in the next few weeks just brings me down and then down even further. So I am adopting a wait and see attitude. But also thinking of how Bob and I would cope.

We have two floors in this house and 3 bathrooms. Yesterday we decided if one of us develops symptoms, yes we had better separate. This morning I realized that we both have a “bathroom bag”that is ready whenever we travel. So those are a few less things we would have to gather. We also each have travel bags with charger cords for our various electronic devices. Even those ideas seem silly at the moment as we sleep together every single night right! We are married for heaven’s sake! I know when we were separated during the flu of 2018 I was almost crushed emotionally. Eventually I was allowed in his hospital room. I have seen him intubated and do not want him to have to go there again!

We are all so accustomed to thinking we are in control of our own lives. But guess what! We never have been. There are some circumstances we have control over and choices we make along the way. There is a huge choice right here, right now for each of us. Will we listen to the health professionals and obey their guidelines? Will we choose NOT to panic and grow more and more fearful?

Yes, the Scriptures say 365 times fear not. One for every day. Sometimes I might need more than one of those a day! They are eternal promises and I will lean hard upon the One who inspired them.

I have no idea what this site lists as their beliefs, but they do have a handy list of fear not verses! Here is the link in case you need to start reviewing those Scriptures!

Stay well and keep your head up!

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