Welcome to California!

We started the day at about 4AM Ohio time. Checked in to the airline, but did not realize I should have asked for wheelchair or cart transportation at the check in desk. Instead I waited until the TSA had cleared us. My bad. Two different transportation employees said they would try to get someone to come get me, After being in the boot all summer and working with physical therapy to get rid of the pain and extend my walking ability, I still was not ready for hiking the huge Cincinnati airport. Bob started wondering if we would make our flight. Finally, I got up and started walking. We made our flight, but halfway into the first flight my foot began to swell and the pain alarms went off, NOT a good way to begin a vacation!

There was a transportation person waiting for me at the Phoenix gate. We only had to go about 3 gates, but I appreciated the help. This flight was packed full.

When we landed in San Francisco I was SO grateful for the transport person. The steps to the baggage claim seemed to me like MILES. We arrived in San Francisco exhausted, hungry and likely dehydrated. Robert, my knight in shining armor, went to get the rental car and I waited with my luggage for him to come pick me up.

By the time we reached Oakland I was in a blur mentally and whipped. We went to Trader Joe’s to get a few food items for dinner and breakfast. Then bought Peet’s coffee and headed for our Air B & B. We sat in the courtyard with about 20 invites to spare before check in.

This is what greeted us in the court yard!

Carpet of purple flower petals, my favorite color!
The trees that graced the sidewalk.
My new screensaver

We went to bed early to read and try to rest up. The purple flower petals and curious cat certainly made my day. Travel is HARD work!!

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