Eternally Fresh

Tree roots grow down into the soil and draw water and nutrients to the trunk, branches, twigs and leaves. Our roots must go deep into the Kingdom and draw similar nutrients to our being. This song helps elaborate that for me.

Years ago I enjoyed a CD by Michael Card and John Michael Talbot. Recently two songs from that collection have come to my attention. And yep, I cannot quit humming them. They roll around in my spirit and bring me joy and encouragement. One of those is called “Live This Mystery.” I hope you, too, are able to LIVE this mystery. Here are lyrics from LyricsFreak (not exactly in the order they are sung) and also the recording for your enjoyment and encouragement.

When I consider the secret of the One 
Who dwells in me
That there is truly a presence
In the heart for all who believe
To listen to a silent call
The quiet hunger to give it all

As the river seeks to be
Forgotten in the sea
My life is hidden in Thee
I must live this mystery

Like a moth around the flame
Drawn to the light
And to the pain
Since my life is hid in Thee
I must live this mystery

In Him we live, in Him we move
In Him all things are made new
The mystery of life in Christ
Is Christ can live in you

I hear the silence , it's clamoring
There is only Christ, He is everything
In the language of the soul
It's burning like a coal

There's a voice that is saying
"You can be whole"
A life where all is new
Of timeless moments waits for you

With the heart alone you see
You must live this mystery

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