Free Range

The grocery package says free range eggs. But aren’t they eggs from free range chickens? Or did the eggs roll around on the ground wherever they pleased? Yikes.

Taking another drive last week in the adjoining counties we came across chickens, and then more chickens. I love the white one strutting below. Made me wonder how do you control these free range chickens? Can’t exactly get the sheep dog to round them up at night!?!

Searching on line I posed the question “How do I raise chickens in my yard?” Here is a link if you want more information.

Basically you want a roost of some type to protect your chickens from predators at night (think coyotes, foxes, dogs). Let them out in the morning and they will quickly learn to return to the roost at night if you use the same bucket or container everyday to give them feed in late afternoon or evening. Then you close up the pen. The link goes on to talk about eggs and shells and poop as fertilizer. Feel free to peruse that information.

Wherever your roaming may take you today, be on the lookout for chickens in the front yards, side yards, ditches, etc. And remember that Jesus loves you and protects you like a mother hen. Return to Him for protection and sustenance. Be careful not to roam too far from Him.

2 thoughts on “Free Range

  1. About 50 years ago when I lived in a log cabin I would drive home on back roads and without fail, once a week, as I rounded a sharp curve, a free range chicken would run out into the road. I don’t think I killed many, or maybe none. There wasn’t a farm house or barn anywhere near there either.


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