Discovered another book I released when we moved. Silly me. I was able to hear Macrina Wiederkehr speak before she died April 24, 2020 at the age of 81. She has inspired me through her books for many decades.

Do you remember shopping at K Mart? Periodically an announcer would come on the PA system and call shoppers to an area of the store where they could participate in a “Blue Light Special.” Perhaps Macrina was inspired by that announcement?

The book I let go of was entitled Seasons of Your Heart, Prayers and Reflections. Her poem Christmas Shopping spoke so deeply to me that I borrowed the eBook from the library so I could share it with you this Advent season. Read it through. Then read it again slowly and sit with the meanings. I seem to gather new insight each time I read it. Truly, a powerful work though not acclaimed as her best!

O God of words, dear Word made flesh 
give birth to my thoughts
change them into words 
that will help me Christmas up the lives 
of those I love, for I am weak and fragile 
scared and empty this year
and still I feel You very near.

Jesus, I think I hear You coming
I think I hear a  sound that says
you’ve cared your way into my life again.
I think I see a light more lasting
than the ones we hang on trees 
I think I see a world 
that’s splashed with God again 
so gospelled with his presence 
so covered with his love yet, lonely still …

O shoppers, dear shoppers put your carts away. 
Please put your carts away 
and search deep down within your hearts
for gifts that will not rust or fade 
for where your treasure is there is your heart. (Matthew 6:19–21) 
O look into your God-splashed, gospelled hearts 
and see! See Christmas standing there 
waiting to be, not bought but given free.

We are Christmas shoppers, Lord 
We are shopping for a way to make your coming last 
O take the blind in us and hold it close 
O teach us how to see 
decorate our lives with your vision 
for Christmas, let us see!

O shoppers, dear shoppers hang lights in your hearts 
instead of on your trees 
for the One we’ve hung our hopes on 
has come, and now we’re free 
but only if we see.

Jesus, we long for Christmas-eyes. 
Please heal the blind in us 
for Christmas, eyes that see!

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