Autumn Joys

Walking at the Cincinnati Nature Center we happened upon these autumn crocuses. Every year I say I will plant some. The bulbs are hard to find and I forget to shop for them. At least they are perennial at the Nature Center! The orange and yellow leaves on the left of the photo reminded me starkly of the changes soon to occur.

Also known as Meadow Saffron

If I knew my spiders better I might be able to identify by the web. Looks as if the only thing this one caught was a leaf!

From what I have read Goldenrod does not cause allergies in contrast to Ragweed which does. Regardless, my sinuses were having a fit after walking the path along the field of goldenrod and many other plants in a “Progression Field.” Likely they were growing together and I just missed seeing the ragweed.

Goldenrod by r m dutina

The place was hopping with many school groups. We had fun seeing the kids face down on the ramps over the water while trying to capture creatures for study in their nets. I was a volunteer at the Nature Center for a while until allergies got the best of me. It was still fun to learn and volunteer for a spell.

r m dutina

“All the earth worships You and sings praises to You; they sing praises to Your name.”

Psalm 66:4

Keep your eyes open for Treasures in Plain Sight!

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