“Holy” Cards

Death came early in my life as so many relatives were much older than me. My mother gave birth to my sister and I late her life. In childhood the “holy cards” from funerals became some of my cherished possessions. I remember as a teenager pinning them to the wall near my bed. Even today, I have a few to help me center during my prayer time.

We are not only packing, but as we were readying to show the house we stripped away all sorts of things from our lives. Molly, do you really need all of this stuff? Is this part of that 2021 ‘Transform’ word now being experienced? Less and less of me and more of You Lord! Had to put away those cards.

Now I need to hold fast to my Lord without those images to center me. He is love and grace and mercy. There is no image that can comprise all of His attributes. I must simply let Him guide me and keep hold of my hand.

Lead on, O King Eternal.

Likely ten weeks until we are moved, unpacked and beginning to settle again. Lord, continue to keep us well, I pray. Over 500,000 deaths in the USA due to Covid-19 and still counting with new variants looming.

Talking with Tony about packing made me realize anew how many open containers of cleaning agents I have and I need to pack. Will we really leave things for him to do or go into a frenzy doing packing ourselves? And then our energy runs out. Help us pace ourselves for Your work and kindness towards each other.

6 thoughts on ““Holy” Cards

  1. Slow and steady wins the race, Molly. Your move is a huge undertaking, but that new adventure is still done one small step at a time. I remember someone telling me that the verse about God’s word being a lamp unto our feet (Psalm 119:105) was intended to keep us from trying to look too far down the path–no high-beam headlights here. In our evening Compline services, one of the verses we use is Matthew 6:34, ““Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” One day at a time, Molly. 🙂


    1. I know the feeling of what to take and what to discard. I don’t think I could move again unless someone else did the packing. And then I remember my good friend Molly, who packed up my kitchen when I broke my foot. Thank you again for all your help and prayers over the years,

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  2. I’m trying to look at this as an adventure rather than a set of tasks. What to take on the journey and when to rest are part of the process!


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