Bunnies #2

The other day we finally remembered amidst the stress to take a peek at the bunnies. Bob was ready with his camera. I moved the nesting material aside. Still could not see well. I moved it more. Seems the bunnies grew and got a lot stronger! I must have frightened them because suddenly one squealed and they began to run around the garden, looking for a place to hide. Oh my! ALL PHOTOS BY r m dutina – my dear husband.

Prior to this, the only other time I heard a bunny squeal was when a cat got hold of one and was killing it. So this bunny squeal had me very upset. I had just washed off rubber gloves from un-packaging shipped materials. I ran to get them so I could try to get the bunnies back in the nest without leaving my scent upon them.

Two ran next to the drainpipe. One lit out for cover near the hose connection.

Those are daffodil leaves and small pine chip bark mulch.

After trying to move one I realized if I picked it up and covered it’s eyes with my other hand it would not cry out.

So I scooped him up out of the pebbles and placed him with the other two who were huddled by the drain pipe. Took the nesting material and piled it on them for warmth and cover.

Then we waited to find out if Momma Rabbit would claim them as her own. The next morning the nesting material had been disturbed and two out of three bunnies were gone. Did she run out of time before carrying off bunny #3? Did it fight her attempts at rescue. Worrisome.

In about an hour it began to rain. I went out to make sure bunny was protected. He had gotten out of the nesting material and was trying to find a drier place. When I approached he ran behind the conch shell. It leans against the porch concrete wall and is covered on one side by emerging snapdragon leaves and on the other by autumn leaves and a spider web. I placed the nesting material against the side where he had entered, trying to keep him warm from the cold rain.

This morning the nesting material was still in place. I am very reluctant to move it. In these times of global uncertainty, with even a zoo tiger getting covid-19, it is nice to have some living creature to focus upon. I hope Momma Rabbit came back to claim him as hers.

In many ways I wish I had never peeked. Wish I had not wanted a photo for y’all. But as the younger ones say, “It is what it is!”

The Easter Rabbit

When I was about 8 or 9, maybe younger, we lived in a four family apartment complex. In the yard next door there was a shrubbery hedge that encircled part of their square of grass. I woke up on Easter morning and knew I was not to awake the rest of the family. I went to the living room to see what the world was up to. The sun was out. and then I saw it! A brown cottontail under the shrubs.

I could not help myself. In my excitement I began hollering, “He came! He came!” My mother came out to see what all the commotion was about. I assured her the Easter Bunny had come because I just saw him right outside our window!

This week I have been loving our flower beds with the cheer they bring me in the midst of the panic and chaos of pandemic. I have picked and delivered multiple bouquets to neighbors and even my sister. I did notice that I need to get out there and spruce up the front flower bed from the dead leaves of last winter and general chickweed, etc. A clump of Hyacinths near the front door were especially packed with dead grass.

Today I looked and thought, “That is unnatural to have that much dead grass around the hyacinths.” Taking a break from writing I decided to move it away so the bulbs could flourish. As I reached down I realized I should probably use my handy table knife that I keep there for cleaning off shoes, just in case some mouse or unsavory had decided to move in. So I grabbed the knife and began to lift and move the grass. Noticed fur and WHAM!! there were little tiny eyes and ears. Nope, not mice! Baby bunnies!! I hurried put the grass back in place.

Little Rabbit Foo-foo began going through my head!

Little Bunny Foo Foo,
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head

Well, instead of a mean bunny, we have a mommy rabbit out there some place with babies in our front bed! I recently placed dryer lint around the tulip leaves to try to deter the rabbits or deer who decimate the tulips every year. Maybe I should let her eat them?

Bob says if the sun comes out tomorrow we will lift the grass and try to snap a photo if they are still there. For now enjoy this incubator!

Here is One to Make You Laugh!

When I walk our street I pass this house. They have dogs and cats. Often this upstairs window is left open for the cats to use the tiny portion of roof to sunbathe.

See the open window with no screen? Well, humans are not the only bored ones. Walking by recently I heard barking coming from a level above the yard. Lo and behold! There was a German Shepherd with it’s head out the window, (opened higher than this photo but not high enough for it to sunbathe).

Our conversation went something like, Me: “What?!? You are not a cat!” Dog: “Well, I am still greeting you!” Me: “Yes, I hear you, but you are still NOT a cat!” Dog: “Well, she let me scan the world from this angle! And I am allowed to speak.”

I laughed and laughed at the silly dog as I continued to rack up steps on my step counter. Silly dog! It is still not a cat!! It did make me laugh out loud, especially when it’s ear flipped going under the screen!

Eerie Signs of the Times

We walked the public park trail . Found these very disturbing.

Have spent many hours here in past years with Grandgirls. So sad.

So being a rule bender, have to wonder if you can sit at the picnic table on left of photo, outside of the yellow tape?

And from the New Yorker comics ….

Our Spring

I have been walking more when weather permits and trying to shake off the anxiety of the pandemic. Not ALWAYS successful, but the effort continues.

This magnolia type caught my attention recently. Blue sky, flowers popping and petals covering the ground. In the autumn Bob and I discuss how the maple trees all decked out in the changing colors of red, yellow, orange seem to drop their gowns or dresses. This spring I am noticing the flowering trees especially as they drops their “ruffles” of petals.

Have you noted things lately that remind you that Spring is bursting out, pandemic or no pandemic? God is not taken by surprise, upset and focused on only the negative with this disease. Can you allow yourself a few minutes to turn off the case count and death totals on television and radio. Even a few minutes of gratitude can do much to mitigate the soul crushing fear circling the earth right now.

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.

2 Timothy 1:7 HCSB

A spirit of power, love and a sound mind or sound judgement. It has been a struggle for me to hold on to these. And then I am reminded from some quote, I read from someone, that is it not my grip upon God that counts, but His grip on me.

 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 (NIV 2011)

Lyrics by Rich Mullins – Video below

Well sometimes my life just don’t make sense at all
When the mountains look so big
And my faith seems so small

So hold me Jesus cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

And I wake up in the night and feel the dark
It's so hot inside my soul
I swear there must be blisters on my heart

So hold me Jesus cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

Surrender don't come natural to me
I'd rather fight You for something I don't really want
Than to take what You give that I need
And I've beat my head against so many walls
Now I'm falling down I'm falling on my knees

And this Salvation Army band is playing this hymn
And Your grace rings out so deep
It makes my resistance seem so thin

I'm singing hold me Jesus cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace, hold us in Your nail-scarred hands, reign in and through us, I pray. Amen.

Trout Lilies!

When the realtor showed us this house in 2006 my husband thought it was out of our price range. It was a speculator’s house that was brand new and had stood empty for a year. I began going to visit the house when Bob was at work. On the back hill I found wild flowers of a sort I had not noticed before. Turns out they are called Trout Lilies because the leaves resemble the scales on a trout.

Well, Bob was going past the house on his way home from work. Neither of us told the other. Just could not get this house out of my brain. Finally I asked if we could have the realtor take us back to see it once more. That is when we both mentioned we had visited more than once since the initial showing! We made an offer and started packing as soon as the deal went through. I have always believed the Lord was saving this house for us.

We had never lived in a brand new house! Over the years Bob has taken the herculean task of digging out and chopping back honeysuckle shrubs and vines. Knowing my love of King Alfred daffodils, he began getting the large bag of bulbs in the fall and planting them all over the hill. Now spring is a burst of color and fragrance and joy. I have added Grape hyacinth bulbs and a few Dutch Hyacinths, too.

This year we had a huge surprise from the Trout Lilies! [Erythronium albidum Lily family (Liliaceae)] Whether it is due to maturation of the plants we already had (they do not bloom the first 6 or 7 years of life), extra rains or mild winter we are delighted to see these!

Thousand upon thousands of flowering trout lilies! Oh my goodness. When we first moved in there were a few.

What a blessing! I have never tried to collect these and take them inside. As soon as it stops raining I will go try just that! To me, there is something soothing and special about flowers inside. The kitchen counter often makes me rejoice when I see a bouquet.

Keep smiling!