Bunnies #2

The other day we finally remembered amidst the stress to take a peek at the bunnies. Bob was ready with his camera. I moved the nesting material aside. Still could not see well. I moved it more. Seems the bunnies grew and got a lot stronger! I must have frightened them because suddenly one squealed and they began to run around the garden, looking for a place to hide. Oh my! ALL PHOTOS BY r m dutina – my dear husband.

Prior to this, the only other time I heard a bunny squeal was when a cat got hold of one and was killing it. So this bunny squeal had me very upset. I had just washed off rubber gloves from un-packaging shipped materials. I ran to get them so I could try to get the bunnies back in the nest without leaving my scent upon them.

Two ran next to the drainpipe. One lit out for cover near the hose connection.

Those are daffodil leaves and small pine chip bark mulch.

After trying to move one I realized if I picked it up and covered it’s eyes with my other hand it would not cry out.

So I scooped him up out of the pebbles and placed him with the other two who were huddled by the drain pipe. Took the nesting material and piled it on them for warmth and cover.

Then we waited to find out if Momma Rabbit would claim them as her own. The next morning the nesting material had been disturbed and two out of three bunnies were gone. Did she run out of time before carrying off bunny #3? Did it fight her attempts at rescue. Worrisome.

In about an hour it began to rain. I went out to make sure bunny was protected. He had gotten out of the nesting material and was trying to find a drier place. When I approached he ran behind the conch shell. It leans against the porch concrete wall and is covered on one side by emerging snapdragon leaves and on the other by autumn leaves and a spider web. I placed the nesting material against the side where he had entered, trying to keep him warm from the cold rain.

This morning the nesting material was still in place. I am very reluctant to move it. In these times of global uncertainty, with even a zoo tiger getting covid-19, it is nice to have some living creature to focus upon. I hope Momma Rabbit came back to claim him as hers.

In many ways I wish I had never peeked. Wish I had not wanted a photo for y’all. But as the younger ones say, “It is what it is!”

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