Here is One to Make You Laugh!

When I walk our street I pass this house. They have dogs and cats. Often this upstairs window is left open for the cats to use the tiny portion of roof to sunbathe.

See the open window with no screen? Well, humans are not the only bored ones. Walking by recently I heard barking coming from a level above the yard. Lo and behold! There was a German Shepherd with it’s head out the window, (opened higher than this photo but not high enough for it to sunbathe).

Our conversation went something like, Me: “What?!? You are not a cat!” Dog: “Well, I am still greeting you!” Me: “Yes, I hear you, but you are still NOT a cat!” Dog: “Well, she let me scan the world from this angle! And I am allowed to speak.”

I laughed and laughed at the silly dog as I continued to rack up steps on my step counter. Silly dog! It is still not a cat!! It did make me laugh out loud, especially when it’s ear flipped going under the screen!

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