A Wonder

When we arrived in Hawaii we were very tired. Started out in Ohio at about 5 AM and got to our room in Hawaii late afternoon. (Factor in 6-1/2 hour time difference!) We made ourselves stay awake wanting to get on their time zone as soon as possible.

The next day our plan was to be as restful as possible – being kind to ourselves. We had coffee in our room (quite tasty) and decided to go to the swimming pool. There was a bird there I had never before seen. Could not for the life of me guess what it was called. I looked it up on line. Imagine my surprise (being a girl from Ohio) to find they called it a yellow billed cardinal!

Yellow billed cardinal

At home we have red headed woodpeckers whose entire heads are red. We have cardinals where the entire male is red. But not this sort of coloring. The bird repeatedly came to the edge of the pool for a sip of water. I was delighted!

Then at the airport when we were leaving Maui I saw this one!

Red Crested Cardinal

The Almighty God is so creative and wondrous. His delights are without end!

Eastern Red Cardinal male

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you;
    the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you;
or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you;[b]
    and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Who among all these does not know
    that the hand of the Lord has done this?
10 In his hand is the life of every living thing
    and the breath of all mankind.”

Job 12:7-10

One thought on “A Wonder

  1. I enjoy your blog posts and this one especially about birds. I have recently taken delight in watching birds and am reminded each time how the Father takes delight in us. Thank you for sharing. (On a side note, if you have never played the game Wingspan, check it out).


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