Babies steal the show! Art Linkletter Knew!

As we celebrate the birth of Christ I would love for you to listen to this wonderful song by Andrew Peterson!

No one told this Dad to never, ever wake a sleeping baby!

We are about to celebrate a baby coming into the world. He is the Savior of the world. He will come again in glory as our Judge. He was born in a dirty, messy stable to a young girl.

Here is a photo of Emily meeting Jeff for the first time. Wish now it was a video!

She was delighted to have real live baby!

These videos are American births in sterile hospitals. Not at all like His birth. Yet there is something about babies that melt most our hearts. These funny videos of big sisters and big brothers meeting their new babies for the first time. If you need a laugh and a little refreshment this week, these 10 minutes are for you!

Love Peterson’s song “Not a Silent Night.” It was not a lovely place to be born. Saint Francis created the creche scene to teach about the birth of Christ. In what ever way you picture it, may you adore Him and make room in your heart for Him to rule and reign until He returns to take us home!

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