Whether an afternoon rest or in bed for the night, I rest best if I read first. I often read books in bed on my iPad mini. Sometimes as I am falling asleep I will accidentally drop the iPad over the side of the bed. The thud rarely wakes me.

Last week I awoke one morning and retrieved from the floor a new paperback book I had been reading. I also saw the dark form of the iPad cover and reached down for it. I could not grasp it, so I reached further down and grasping again, pulled to get it out from under the edge of the bed, but it weighed more than usual. In a split second I realized it was wet on the edge.

Oops. That was not an iPad mini. That was the dog’s snout. Poor Lucky! What a way to be awakened at 6:45! As she scooted out from under the bed she looked at me with so many expressions. “What the heck?” “Are you certain you are awake, Molly?” “Really? Is that the thanks you give to your constant companion?”

I started laughing and have not stopped since. Every time I think of it I get the giggles. Such a good thing that she is a gentle dog! What has tickled your funny bone lately?

This beagle sheds like a maniac. I can brush her out in the yard and gather wads and wads of fur. I have noticed this especially around her hind quarters. I am considering having her shaved there. But then I knew a Sheltie who was shaved and never looked quite the same again. Guess I will just order a new brush and see if I can keep up better with the Hairball/Shed maniac. But she is so cute! Don’t you agree?

3 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Went with a friend to get a Boston terrier/French bulldog puppy to join the other 4 dogs of various linage, 2 of which are big farm dogs. Friend forgot how much a puppy can get into and especially as she is so small


  2. She’s a cutie!! Something that has been making me laugh this week is picturing my students during dismissal…they were quite loud in the line and instead of yelling or counting down, I had the idea to tell them we were playing a game of simon says…that got their attention VERY quickly! I gave a few commands then said “Simon says, shake your booty!” I then said stop because they looked ridiculously funny….but I forgot I had to say simon so they all kept shaking their booties. The funny thing was that since they were so focused, their heads were so still and their eyes focused on me, so it was quite the funny picture!!


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