One Recent Journal Entry

Gloomy Sunrise © Molly Lin Dutina 22-3-1
gloomy sunrise
mostly gray sky
birds flying tree to black tree
also seem black
as the sun rises higher
giving brighter light
the grass begins to green
dead weeds brown to beige
spring songbirds announce the day
"look here and trust" they sing
each melody sweeter than the last
whatever this day brings
look up
your Savior is near
suddenly the southern horizon pinks up
yes there is a shelf of dark clouds
but look, there is more than
our eyes can perceive from this angle
we sing hallelujah
our King reigns
resounding through my soul
hallelujah here below
as elevation worship sings
"We are an altar of broken stones
but You abide in the song we sing"
help me remain aware of You
as this day unfolds
grasp me tightly by the hand
hold me in Your holy embrace

So why this poem? Inspired by awareness of the call upon my soul to worship my King at all times, gloom gave way to sunrise and song. Sung here acapella with choral parts, is the song I referenced:

“We are an altar of broken stones, but You abide in the song we sing”

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