Dogs and Bowling

So I had an errand in Northern Kentucky. I took a wrong turn and immediately realized I had taken the same wrong turn a few weeks earlier. Went to turn around at Lowe’s. Noticed a big banner sign that said “Bowling.” I did not catch the name of the alley, but it was there. Right next to it was a medical office that was called Bowling Chiropractic. Had me laughing! I could just hear, “Well, doc, I wrenched my back on the spare. Can you fix me up for the next frame?”

Once back in Ohio near home, I stopped at the grocery. Saw this sight and asked him if he was going to drive?

I looked to the left and started laughing at this sight.

Look closely! There are 2 in there.

A woman to my right started calling, “Wait! I have one too!”

Since they were all confined I thought it was a hilarious day at the grocery parking lot. When I finished my shopping they had all departed. I think we had a mix of boxers and maybe a pit bull.

Keep your eye out for simple, amusing treasures in plain sight!

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