Conundrum of Safe Shopping

So I place my online order and picked up went to get it 2 days later. I get home and my husband says “Wasn’t this buy one get one free?” Yes, those notebooks were on sale and we only got one. So what would you have done with this online order? Would you have ordered two and hoped one was free? Or would you have ordered two and hoped you did not get four? I called the curbside phone number and the person who would decide if I was due another notebook was out to lunch. So, I have one notebook and no definitive answer yet. And the receipt has yet to show up online. Grrr.

Placed online order at another store. Had extra time before my pickup slot. Decided to dust and straighten up the house. Get to the store and realized my coupons were at home on the table. Drats! So I went home, unloaded groceries, ate lunch. Went back to the store. Put on double masks and went in to get my almost $9.00 refund. Came out to the car, washed my hands, took off the masks. It was worth the drive, even with gas and mileage. I am the one who used to cut coupons, wait until they had expired and THEN take the coupons to the store.

I get so frustrated with these safety measures, but so far neither one of us is sick with Covid. We do have colds, but so what? They are not severe or loaded with possible Covid symptoms.

It has been said, “This, too, shall pass.”

Retailers are saying this is the new way of shopping. So much for saving the planet. Some neighbors get Amazon deliveries two and three times a day! Guess I am just an old woman who would like to browse through the grocery store again. Online you cannot raid the markdown bins.

5 thoughts on “Conundrum of Safe Shopping

  1. Shopping can be a form of entertainment … it depends whether you just want to get the list done or enjoy the browsing and environment!

  2. I do a pretty fair amount of shopping on-line, but grocery shopping is something that I always do in person. I have reached a point where I do most of my grocery shopping at 6:30 in the morning, when there are few people there, except for the workers stocking the shelves. I sometimes have a list, but generally walk through all the aisles. If one of the employees ask me if they can help me find something, I usually tell them that I am looking for inspiration. With masks, it’s hard to tell, but I think they smile back at me.

      1. They are friendly and welcoming and I know quite a few of the early morning crew, especially the cashiers–there is usually only a single cashier at that time of the day.

  3. That little girl looks just like you Molly! I too commiserate with her. Love the convenience but you don’t always get what you expect.

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