Diving in Honor © 1999 Molly Lin Dutina

Summer is winding down with schools getting ready to try reopening here in Ohio. Sadly, there were not any summer swim meets at the local swim clubs this year. Our family always enjoyed those. Thought you might enjoy this vignette.

ISA 43:4a NRSV   “You are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you,”
[says the Lord your God.]
The journaling question was:
 ‘When I think about God loving me unconditionally as I am, I …’
Well, I get bashful, knowing Your Word and Your love are true
– but hardly daring to believe You, Lord.
In Your sight I am honored? Why?
I believe, as a servant,
I have only done what You asked me to do –
so, why honored?
And I remember reading Rick Joyner’s book,
the multitudes worshiping the Lord in the heavenlies
– and they – and I – are honored for obedience to the Lamb.
Again I argue,
but whom have I in heaven, but You, my Lord?
To obey is the source of my life –
the Source of all my joy –
honor seems too high a reward.
Perhaps my next obedient step
should be to read Isaiah and
write down Your words of comfort, love and honor?
You say You sing over Your people,
that Your faithfulness is a shield about us.
Oh Jesus, as I come to know You more deeply
there is so much more to learn.
I will never come to the end of your love.
A boundary wall will never appear to stop me from
entering Your unfailing love.
So help me, Jesus.
Finally, I want to learn to dive!

Help me jack-knife into Your love
            Triple somersaults of joy into
                        Your endless bounty of love and mercy.
Back flips – with no fear of knocking my brain out-
            empowered by Your Holy Spirit.
I tirelessly race up the ladder
            to make another grace-filled, magnificent dive.
Slicing into Your bounty of love and honor
            and before Your sight Precious
                        barely making a splash.
Diving deeper, deeper,
            never able to reach the bottom of Your kindness
but surely drenched, washed, renewed in Your water of Life.

And You, on the side
            watching with Your cronies alongside my enemies
            flashing high scores for me
            pleased by my obedience.
You are delighted by my yielded heart.
More of You, Lord
            more than my next gulp of air
 I want more of Your drenching,
Your overshadowing.
Come upon me, power of the Most High
soak me, enfold me, permeate my very cells.
Then guide me forth
to do Your will upon this earth.
But wait!!  I must clamber up that ladder
            one more time in joy and glee
            and as Your child
do a tremendous cannonball –
sending Your love splashing out
on all those around.
I’ve even gotten the grouchy old lady
who never wants to get wet!

5 thoughts on “Diving in Honor © 1999 Molly Lin Dutina

  1. The metaphors are beautiful, touching my soul with word pictures of joy. Isaiah 43:4a is my example and teaching for me to see Jesus as precious, honored and loved.


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