It was not the wife who said,

“Touch me not!” Remember this photo from July 2nd of Jewel weed?

Well with Bob’s help we were able to sort of capture the action of the seed pod. At first I did not touch it hard enough. When I turned it in my hand, you miss the action of my touching it, but get to see the seeds released in my hand. The pod curls up into a spring. The second pod is not ripe yet.

And one from Oregon

Guess who hatched and got large enough to be seen? Hint, on first photo – look at top of plant!

Had to wonder on second photo above if weight of caterpillar dropped it down to the next leaf?
Making that hole larger!!

2 thoughts on “It was not the wife who said,

  1. My 4 yr old grandson, who seems fearless, does not like the Jewel Weed curling in his hand. 🙂 It has always been so fun to share with my little girls and grandkids.

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