New Kids on the Block

When I first spotted this nest I thought the Robin must be out of her mind! So low to the ground and there are cats in our neighborhood. The cats do not wear bells or other items on a collar to warn birds of their approach!

Photo by Robert Dutina

If you look closely you can see that she wove a blue plastic tape into her nest. It is likely from our favorite bakery. How she found it I do not know! Guess we dropped it outside the garbage can?

Now this is a baby only a mother could love. UGLY!

Photo by Robert Dutina

So at this point the mother Robin is not too happy with us, always approaching her nest and scaring her off. Actually she could stay and watch, but she doesn’t! Wonder if she would be more interested if she knew so many folks would be seeing photos of her babies progress? As usual, a day after they hatched I found a portion of egg shell in the garden on the next lot.

Two hours later napping soundly.
Robert, talented photographer and baby bird whisperer. He clucked, it opened it’s mouth for him!

So yes, there is fun to be had around here. When he gets a shot of the babies with feathers I will post that. I know when mom trains them to leave the nest we will hear LOTS of urgent chirping and calling.

3 thoughts on “New Kids on the Block

  1. The little grandkids have a Robin nest on their property which they have been watching since the eggs were laid. Parents put a log for them to stand on so they could peek into the nest. The birds are ready to fly the nest now. When their eyes finally opened Audrey said they have the cutest eyes! What a fun experience for the kids! And old people also. 😉


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