Sister Mary Veronica

Years ago I helped Sr. Mary Veronica in the gardens at the Convent of the Transfiguration. She was a master gardener (I am not). She was highly allergic to poison ivy (I am not, but still wear gloves around it). So we hit it off. I had much less arthritis then and could afford to lend help to others. She often sent me home with portions of her plants.

Here is the Solomon’s Seal prospering! We had to take out some plants back there that provided more shade, but I think it will do okay. I was curious about the name. Gardening Know How on line says:

“Solomon’s seal info indicates that scars on the plants where leaves have dropped look like the sixth seal of King Solomon, hence the name.”

{Read more at Gardening Know How: Solomon’s Seal Info – Caring For A Solomon’s Seal Plant}

I miss her. She was such a sweet soul.

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