Visiting in Person

Life is too short to experience everything, but the human heart is big enough to resonate with everything that any other human heart has experienced.


Seeing an old friend face-to-face was fun. We knew we only had a very short time to share, so we both cut to the chase and told what was most important to us. I was surprised when the first thing she shared was about my blog.

She is so inspired by what I write. She said it uplifts her and gives her a new point of view.

I was amazed. This gal is eleven years older than me. I have always thought of her as a better, stronger Christian.  Yet she felt my writing was useful to her walk. Who knew?

Some folks never comment. I see only how many people looked at it, but not who.

One fellow at church asked me recently if I was still writing. I could not remember his name or even having spoken with him before. He did look vaguely familiar. Our church has grown to about 800 people with opportunities to worship three times a week. No wonder I lost track of him. Yikes!

We just never know the impact we will have upon others. These comments help inspire me to keep on publishing this blog.

Please keep reading! Comment when you can. I love the encouragement to continue sharing my journey with the mostly unknown folks out there. May you be blessed with a renewed sense of His Presence with us in every circumstance.

3 thoughts on “Visiting in Person

  1. “We just never know the impact we will have upon others.” Truer words were never spoken. People are often affected by our actions and words in ways that we will never know. It seems to me that we need more people like you who spread hope, cheer, and positivity in a world that so often just drags us down.


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