Married to a Photographer

My husband has decided to take a photo a day for 2019. This had been quite a venture! First it is difficult for him to take just one photo, so he shoots things that interest him or depict the day. Most of them are lovely in my eyes. He deletes and deletes and feels fortunate when he is left with one photo at the end of the cutting session.

Later this year we are planning a month long road trip. We have maps and books and markers to highlight the points of interest and routes. We have ordered triptiks from AAA and planned which route we will take first if winter decides to linger and make our travel miserable. Now if the government shuts down again, that is an entirely different thing. AGGRAVATION! When we visited Yellowstone a few years ago, our trip was cut short by one day when they closed the gates.

Oh my! We took a recent road trip to northern Indiana. It was a gorgeous sunny day. Cold, but lovely. Recently the entire area had drenching rains and then a cold snap. Rivers and creeks rose and ice formed around trees and along the banks. There were even weird shapes on some ponds where the high wind had whipped up the water and it froze in waves. The Wabash river was flooded for miles and miles and miles.

After multiple stops at many places for’ just one more photo,’ my husband realized that at this rate, when we make our long trip we will never make it to St. Louis on the first day! His caveat: “Of course, we have already been to St. Louis.”

I don’t object to all of this unless of course, the car door is left open and it is 20 degrees outside. Solution, turn up the heater and put fan on a higher speed. When we are obstructing the passage of other cars I would prefer a blinker or the flashers be turned on to help them see us as NOT moving. When he got back in the car once and said, “Oops! I left the gear shift in drive.” I almost panicked, but we turned it to gratitude that nothing awful happened and laughed it off. From then on, when he jumped out I checked that gear shift, you betcha!

On the return trip home the next day we got caught in miserable snow squalls. Not many photos. Just glad to get home safely.

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