Grandgirl #1

On a recent outing Grandgirl #1 was wearing her favorite winter jacket. One button was hanging precariously. I suggested we pocket the button until we could sew it on. She had tied a knot in the thread. She asked if I could fix it for her? I told her certainly! If I had known she needed repairs I would have brought supplies and done it during our meeting.

This is the young lady who can spend hours designing and creating woven bracelets and bookmarks made from multiple strands of embroidery thread.

I had to wonder why she did not sew the button on herself? So the thought crossed my mind that perhaps she just wanted me to feel needed and useful!

After doing the repairs on every dangling button and loose button, I put the dry clean only jacket in the dryer on no heat with a dryer sheet. A friend had told me this method is quite effective for removing dog hair. When I took it out of the dryer there was less hair, but there was one more button that had come off. So I sewed it on. Afterwards I noticed it was right over the area of the upper pocket, where you can put your hands in for a quick warm-up. I did not want not remove it if she never used the pocket.

So I texted her and this is when she cracked me up! ”

Me: Do you use the upper pockets on your jacket or only the lower ones?

G-Girl#1: Where are the upper pockets?

Me: Guess you don’t then, huh? You have 2 sets of pockets on that jacket. You crack me up! The upper ones are fairly tiny.

G-Girl #1: Oh okay

I redid the button so she could actually USE those tiny pockets if she wanted. Then I put a dollar bill in each one and wonder now how long it will take her to find those once her Pop returns the coat tomorrow.

Oh the differences in generations! And the joy Grandgirls bring ;-D

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