When Bob asked me years ago if I wanted to move to New Mexico where Dan and Betty lived. I considered for a bit, then I decided I would miss my maple trees too much! This year the bumper crop of maple seeds have some of the trees hanging low and looking burdened. If was difficult, but I finally got this photo to show you! The opening photo shows the empty stems. Photo below shows both if you look closely.

There was an old song Nat King Cole used to sing about the falling leaves. That melody was encouraging me to write about the maple seeds as I gathered the words and phrases. You can tell I lost the phrasing from the song, but hopefully captured the ideas!

Maple Business ©Molly Lin Dutina   23-5-2
The maple seeds
Fall past my window
Tan and red
They twirl and fly

The maple seeds 
Blow past my window
Reminding me
The snow is gone

These are not flakes, but helicopters
Whirlybirds, not icy clumps
Coating roofs and every surface
Until wind scatters abroad

Keeping gutter cover companies in business
Even finding their way indoors on shoe soles
Thousands upon thousands
Every day for weeks they sail

There was trouble on the playground
If you gathered a clump and
Threw them on someone 
We knew no shame just fame for being sneaky

Last autumn they shed red and yellow leaves 
Bright red tiny blossoms this spring 
Now showers upon showers of seeds
Promises of new maple life

The maple seeds, fall past my window
Both red and tan these showers twirl
In piles on the deck, can’t keep them cleaned off
Sweep them on a dry day, sounds like fallen leaves

Seeding every nook and cranny
I am told online “yummy when eaten fresh!”
Next time your salad or potatoes seem boring
Strip off propellers, throw in a few seeds 

A couple weeks more and every flower bed 
Will sprout maples from whiligigs
We will be pulling out shoots for weeks 
The ones we miss will grow strong
Eventually needing a trowel to loosen their grip

The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Genesis 2:9 NIV

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