Weird Advertising

In Cincinnati we have some good advertisers that are creative and humorous. They have a bakery ad for Busken’s that shows a high school graduate and says “He’s done. Put a fork in him!” They decorate sheet cakes with photos and cookies with school colors, etc.

Recently I saw a billboard by some other company that I found weird and distasteful. If you were searching for joy, would you search for it in a cemetery? With the rise in suicide awareness I think the idea behind this billboard is objectionable. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I am reading it wrong? At another location teh same billboard for the cemetery reads “Find peace here!”


And then Bob found this one a few years ago. Thankfully it is starting to fall apart now so maybe we won’t have to endure it much longer?

Yuck, closet space and divorce!

There are companies that help arrange things so you have more closet space. In my opinion, this is not how anyone should do that.

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