Humor of Bengals and Beagle Playoff Game

Things were fairly dismal as we watched the game between Kansas City and Cincinnati. Cincinnati had not even scored yet. We always walk Lucky around 8-9PM. As I put on my coat and got her on her leash the TV was making noise. I told Bob about it. The dog and I stepped outdoors and before we got to the sidewalk heard people screaming from inside the house across the street. Bob came to our front door and hollered “We scored!” I yelled back, “I know!”

Our dog is very skittish and hates fireworks. You guessed it, next thing I knew a neighbor set off a firecracker! Now she no longer wanted to pee, just GET IN THE HOUSE. I did not want to come outside again, so I proceeded to pace the sidewalk and coax her to do her business. Finally, she went.

For us, that was the last high point of the match up. As you likely know, Cincinnati lost to Kansas City and we did not proceed to the Superbowl. It is only with Joe Burrow’s arrival and the team building in the last couple years that I have taken any interest at all in American football.

The next morning our entire area was shrouded much of the day in deep fog. It was rather indicative of the city’s mood. We will be looking forward to what next year brings for our Bengals. In the meanwhile we will watch the Superbowl to see if Mahone’s high ankle sprain gets healed completed before he takes the field again. Hope so!

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