Intertwined Story

Once we had a Jewish house guest. I do not remember what we fed him for supper, but our son, Jeff, had hot dogs. Our guest was to sleep on the bottom bunk bed that night. Our son on the top. In the middle of the night our son was ill. He vomited hotdogs all over the side of the bed, splashing our guest below. Yep, I was up in the night cleaning up that horrible sickness, changing sheets and apologizing to our guest, soothing our embarrassed son. One of those yucky nights.

Fast forward 30 or 40 years. I sleep in fleecy socks. Seems I sleep more soundly with socks on? I had purchased new white sheets for our bed. The elastic in the old fitted sheet had burst. The other set never fit this deep mattress correctly. So with new sheets I prepared for bed and grabbed a new pair of socks, too. I also nap daily. I pulled back the sheets the next afternoon for my siesta and there was black fuzz on the sheets. Oh man, I thought. That night I forgot and climbed into bed with the same combination.

Next morning as I made the bed I looked between the sheets and the mess was worse than ever. I simply pulled back top covers and went to get the new Giant Extreme Stick with “extreme results to quickly remove lint, hair and debris.” After I rolled over the black lint, tore off a sheet and was on sheet #6 I realized this called for the attachment sweeper. My bed socks had vomited all over my new white sheets. As I swept and swept I remembered cleaning up that bedroom long ago after hot dogs visited the bunk beds.

Yes, those socks quite literally vomited all over my new sheets. There was black fuzz where I never realized I put my feet at night. Must have been searching for Bob’s warmth? I swept top and bottom sheets and then threw them in the washer using extra water in the cycle. Separately I washed the socks and put them in Goodwill donation box. Someone else might like black house socks.

The really bad part, I had bought my Grandgirls the same socks for Christmas. So now I had to go back to the store and exchange for a different color! The clerk said I could not simply exchange them. Did not realize until the young man had made the return and new purchase that the original discount was not applied. Geez!

I know now that I should have taken a photo for you. Unbelievable how far black fuzz can travel on a white sheet! Grateful fuzz was not as stinky as regurgitated hot dogs!

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