Rodeo Squirrel and Flying Tuxedo

We have red headed woodpeckers who visit our feeder almost daily. At our previous house we had Pileated woodpeckers, which resemble the Woody Woodpecker cartoon character. These guys are smaller and have a fully red head, sometimes described as a red hood. The black and white areas of their feathers are purely black or purely white, not speckled as so many woodpeckers are. I have taken to calling them Flying Tuxedos. I have tried repeatedly to capture their image on video, but to no avail. So I turned to the internet and found this one by Mike Blair.

Mike Blair has best flying video I could find!

I have also been amused lately by the young squirrels who have been coming around. They are certain they can outwit the sunflower seed feeder equipped with a spring that closes off the seed when their weight triggers it. They have not succeeded. Just like at the last house they are stymied and frustrated. They know from the seeds dropped on the ground below exactly what this feeder holds. But they cannot access it. They swing about on it and remind me of the Rodeo Wannabes who ride the fake bull in the bars.

True rodeo rider and pretend rodeo rider

Here is a photo of a defeated squirrel

r m dutina

Keep your eyes open for treasures in plain sight and what they might remind you of!

One thought on “Rodeo Squirrel and Flying Tuxedo

  1. I had received a bag of nuts and until I get new dentures, I cannot eat them. So I’ve been putting out a few at a time for the squirrel here. My kitties, especially Susie, loves to watch him come visit. Also had a peeper on my window yesterday that I tried to take a picture, but he moved to fast.


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