Climate Change Hits Cincinnati

I am not out of topics, but I want to tell you a couple weather stories. Weatherman says “If you get under one of these thunderstorms it can pour heavy rain.” Yesterday at our house it poured 2-1/2 inches in about 2 hours. With 98% humidity weatherman says ‘that’s a ridiculous humidity level!’ I so agree. One day we had 4-1/2 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Last week we went to Sam’s and bought gas. Opened the windows. Then Bob dropped me at the door at Walmart so I would not walk so far in the orthotic boot. He parked the car. While inside there was a gully washer thunderstorm. Dan calls them ‘frog stranglers’. When it let up a bit Bob went to get the car. He arrived saying I had left my window open. The small towel I keep in the car for hot upholstery was soaked. He found the dog towel in the back seat for drying Lucky after a wet or muddy walk to sop up the mess. I used every bandana I could find in the car wiping up myself and the car. The rain soaked into my shorts from the upholstery, into my shirt from upholstery. We got home and I changed clothes.

Edge of Paul Brown Stadium

The storms stopped and the sun came out. Been meaning to clean the dog nose-art off the back windows for several weeks. Decided today was the day. I was outside for 45 minutes. In the shade of the garage is was vacuuming water off the floor mats, wiping upholstery, vacuuming trunk, and washing dog nose-art off back windows. Muggy is an understatement with 98% humidity. This is an unusually hot and muggy summer for Southwest Ohio. Humidity is tropical. I sprayed the dog art and wiped it dry, nope! Still wet. One of those days that took extra effort to dry anything off including me! By the time I came inside I literally had to change clothing again. Totally drenched. Every. Single. Stitch.

We thank you Lord for our life upon earth. Forgive us for how we have abused and misused this gift. Lead us in paths of righteousness to try and correct the damage we have done for many decades. Help us, Lord, we pray.

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