Robin’s Nest

Several years ago I was on retreat and observed a robin out the kitchen window, building a nest. Here are a few photos.

There is a very large maple tree outside my window where I now pray. A few weeks ago I saw lots of activity as robins went back and forth and then I saw the nest site.

The nest in the maple tree was industriously built. One morning during construction it was scampered through by reckless squirrels. The robin chased that squirrel. I have not seen him come through that way again!

Eventually completed it is beginning to be shrouded by maple leaves. But, alas, it seems abandoned. I have not seen a single robin there for over a week. Another week went past. No bird activity on the nest. This observed construction set me thinking about our places of abiding with God.

The nest was built as a safe place to place eggs, hatch them, raise young birds. No one seems to know why birds build nests and then abandon the same nests. It was set apart as the home place. And then abandoned.

Why share this? It made me think of our lives as Christians. I know many people who say they used to go to church. They used to teach Sunday School. They used to do this and that with the Body of Christ. And now, they don’t. They began to build upon a sure foundation and then they abandoned the effort. So many reasons: feelings got hurt, lost sight of the point, did not get anything out of the new preacher’s sermons, too busy with kids sports. I find it sad. I also believe if we have a relationship with Christ, along with activities at church, we are much less likely to abandon building our faith if we are co-laborers with God in working out our own salvation.

Therefore, my dear friends, just as you have always obeyed, so now, not only in my presence but even more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Phil 2:12 CSB

Obedience to our call … work out our own salvation … I am not to work out your salvation or Bob’s, but my own.

I want to explore this further the next few posts. I am finding it somewhat difficult to pull these thoughts together coherently. I will keep “putting my hand to the plow” and see what I can communicate.

One thought on “Robin’s Nest

  1. You know me, and how I seem to need a tree to be grounded in Christ. I am blessed where I am living as straight out my window and door is a beautiful red Maple tree. I watch and listen to the birds most days and now am feeding a squirrel that takes refuge under my rocking chair.


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