54 and Mushy

Glorious sun and welcome warmth drew us to take Lucky to the dog park. Remember, this dog is basically a nose on legs!

The dog area has double gates so no critters can escape the confines. There were more folks than I’ve ever seen before going in and out of the double gates. The recent hard rains made the ground mushy. Really mushy! Mud and goo that made for some dirty dogs!

The dogs played fetch and some just followed the leader. As owners departed they would leave the fetch ball for the next player. Lucky just goes to sniff. She basically ignores the other canines.

Some owners pickup the droppings from their animal. Best watch out for ones that didn’t! Especially from the large dogs. Ick.

It was an hour of sunshine, fresh air, blue sky.

Even a kite did dips and races, 
reminding me of the vultures
searching the nearby woods
with dips and races,
searching for a snack.

Kite photo extremely difficult to capture! Best r m dutina could pull off with iPhone. Vultures were too quick for me to even try!

R m Dutina
Like I said, tough to show you. So IMAGINE!! First kite sighting of 2022!!

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